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US Open 2022 – Sights, sounds and best moments from Round Three

US Open 2022 - Sights, sounds and best moments from Round Three

BROOKLINE, Massachusetts. A lot can happen on a Saturday at the US Open, especially with a full leaderboard like this one. With a mix of big names and lesser-known names, things can get fun on a colder, windy day at The Country Club.

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Here is what happens:

Ram from the tree

Between the rocky spurs and thick brawl at this week’s US Open, we’ve seen our fair share of tricky shots, but none were as unique as the one Jon Ram had to hit on the eighth hole with a five on Saturday. A ram ball ended up under a tree.

Ram tried to practice multiple types of swings – left-handed, right-handed while standing on top of a tree trunk – but eventually decided to hit it backwards with his right hand. The ball dribbled for less than 20 yards. Ram fired his next shot into the green, but eventually had to make do with a bogey. – Paolo Ogite

From Casey Martin to Aaron Wise

Aaron Wise Competing in the US Open, his rise in professional golf began at the end of the 2020-21 season, when he pulled an old putter out of his garage. He was the same golf coach in Oregon, Casey Martin, used when he qualified for the 2012 US Open at the Olympic Club in San Francisco. Martin won a Supreme Court case against the PGA Tour for using a buggy due to a birth defect that made it difficult for him to walk. Martin had part of his right leg amputated in October. Martin gave the racket to Wise while Wise was playing with the ducks. He won the NCAA singles title and helped Oregon win the only national championship in 2016. He ranked 23rd in this week’s standings, taking 3+ strokes on the field. – Mark Schlabash

Scotty Scheffler from downtown

the wind is blowing

This is what the leaders at The Country Club face, according to Denny McCarthywho was among the few players to have shot under par thus far: “Stronger. Cooler temperatures. Wind from north and northwest. Played a little differently. Tilted a bit as all holes played a little different today. It required It’s more thoughtful.”

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He said the 502-yard 10th hole was playing more like a 5 par 5 than a 4 due to 25 mph winds right in the players’ faces. He said it was difficult to keep the number 12 approach shots on the green due to the position of the front pin. Although McCarthy had a little birdie in 14th place, he said the pit was “wild.” “This might be leather,” he said. – Mark Schlabash

But it’s still hot out there

Justin Thomas He wasn’t happy after a USGA rules official denied him his exemption from the drain in the middle of the fairway on the fourth hole. His ball was inches to the right of the drain. He would get relief if the drainage affected his stance or his swing line. After chopping off his shot, Thomas released his frustration in a very colorful way. “That’s what bothers me, because a lot of other people lie about their ability to hit that, but it’s just like, I’m not going to hit it. That’s bulls—oh man,” Thomas told the pack Jim “Bones” Mackay, before tossing his irons in his bag.

According to a USGA statement: “During the discussion, Justin was asked if the drain would interfere with his swing, he replied that it wasn’t. Because there was no interference from the drain, comfort was not provided for Justin. Rule 16.1a(1) states that interference caused by an obstacle Immobile occurs when the ball touches or is in or on the obstacle, or the obstacle is physically interfering with the player’s intended zone or intended swing zone. The rule continues to state that if the obstacle is close enough to distract the player but does not otherwise interfere, there is no relief under the rule” . – Schlbach

bad bounce

The course at The Country Club actually plays more difficult during Saturday’s early wave than it did in the first two days, so it felt like it was making matters worse when Hideki MatsuyamaThe second shot on the par-4 short fifth hole hit the flag on a recoil and rolled all the way to the green dugout.

Matsuyama got up from the sand and returned to the green, but the damage was done. What would have possibly been a bird to make him turn into red numbers turned into an unfortunate specter that made him rank 1. – ogite

Difficult conditions

Moving Day at the 122nd US Open might look like Grinding Day for the 64 players who survived the 36-hole block. With the winds nigh at The Country Club, and the USGA is having typical fun with its weekend pin placements, players are having a very rough time so far. According to the USGA, the Greens were rolling in the top 12s and were cut twice and rolling on Saturday morning.

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With more than half of the pitch starting their tour, only two players played at least nine holes – Australia Todd Sinnot And the Denny McCarthy – Substandard. Many notable players, including Joaquin NiemannAnd the Bryson DeShampooAnd the Terrell Hutton And the Max Homa, already 5 more or worse. – Schlbach


Xander Shaveli He’s not the only member of his squad who will try to come back on Saturday. His father and coach, Stefan, is back at The Country Club after being bumped into his upper lip by wasps. Perhaps not the sting he had in mind in windy conditions. – Schlbach

name game

The announcements about the first tee at the US Open did not go well. on Friday, Scott Stallings, which originated in Worcester has been presented as being from the “Chester War”. It is actually pronounced “Woostah,” and locals showed the person who said it to. On Saturday, things got worse.

Justin Thomas very famous. Just won the PGA Championship. Fifth place in the world. Simple, isn’t it? no. Introduced as “Justin Thompson”.

for accuracy

In the US Open, you choose your positions very carefully. This is what players will stare at all day long.

money talking

Thanks to LIV Golf, the sport talks a lot about money these days. On Saturday morning, the USGA released the full details of the portfolio for the week.

Let’s start first with those who didn’t make the cut. Each earned $10,000 for the two working days. Now, to the real money (considering that Charles Schwarzl He earned $4.75 million for winning the first LIV event in London. The total payments are $17.5 million. Here’s what a place in the top ten deserves:

1. $3.15 million
2. $1.89 million
3. $1.23 million
4. 859,032 dollars
5. $715,491
6. $63,415
7. $571,950
8. $512,249
9. $463,604
10. $425,830

The player who finishes 60 will receive $36,852.