June 6, 2023

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US approves Putin’s daughters, Russia re-deploys, strengthens troops – Wednesday

Romanian media have reported that a man with privacy issues convicted in the first instance of sexual abuse of minors was taken to the fence of the Russian embassy in Bucharest on Wednesday morning.

The prosecutor’s office in Bucharest Court said in a preliminary investigation that the man drove his car over the fence, set the vehicle on fire and found several storage devices containing flammable materials inside. The person died on the spot.

According to the lawyer, there was no political motive behind the man’s actions and it can only be said that so far he had personal issues.

The Romanian media considered it politically motivated He shared the content on the social page of the man who expressed his sympathy and solidarity with the Ukrainian people. However, the Romanian media also wrote that the 47-year-old man On Tuesday, he was sentenced in the first instance to 15 years and 4 months in prison on charges of sexually abusing his ex-wife and another minor. Another person has been charged with sexual offenses for leading an NGO that advises divorced fathers.

The Russian embassy in Bucharest issued a statement on Wednesday saying the move was politically motivated. Believed that

The man fell victim to the Ukrainian neo-Nazi forces that carried out the massacre in Buxa.

So he did his thing in his anti-Russian uprising.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry also rejected this assumption in a statement. It was explained that the political message for this act was too soon The Russian embassy has called for such explanations to be avoided until an investigation by Romanian authorities is completed. In the statement, Bucharest again condemned the massacres in Buxa and other Ukrainian cities, saying, “Russia is responsible.”

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