June 6, 2023

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Until September, the Russians will be fighting in Ukraine, and this news is spreading among Russian soldiers

“I am relieved to acknowledge the successful completion of the evacuation mission from Mariupol. I remember all those who stayed in the besieged city. We will do our best to help them,” he said. Pravda, Ukraine News portal Lubrani’s Twitter message.

According to the report, 156 civilians arrived in five buses. The refugees left on Sunday, but on Monday they were waiting to finish their check at a Russian checkpoint near Mariupol, from where they could only make it to Saboria on Tuesday morning.

Earlier, Mayor Vadim Bozhenko of Mariupol said on a television program that only three of the 14 buses carrying city residents to Ukrainian-controlled areas had arrived in Zaporizhia, and the fate of the others was unknown. MTI writes that more than a thousand civilians are still waiting to be evacuated to Mariupol.

Azovttal’s CEO, Jenver Ckitisvili, told BBC British Public Service Television that the five shelters on site were safe even during a nuclear attack. He says there are at least eight meters between the ceiling and the surface of the connecting tunnels, but the bunkers are deeper than that.

Prior to the outbreak of the Russian war against Ukraine, plant workers had stockpiled substantial amounts of drinking water and food in bunkers. He hopes that this will help keep Mariupol’s bodyguards and civilians alive during the Russian bombings. The CEO of the steel plant is aware that there are currently about 300 civilians in the plant’s underground shelters, including 30 to 40 children. However, many of them are seriously injured and they need qualified medical help.

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The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) sought to interrogate the plant workers who were taken to Russia to find out where the tunnels and bunker entrances were.

Will the Russians fight until September?

The Directorate General of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is spreading rumors that fighting between Russian troops in the territory of Ukraine may continue until September. According to the Directorate General, Moscow is considering annexing the southern occupied territories arbitrarily occupied in 2014 by Crimea and its integration into the Russian economic zone. On May 1, Oleg Kryushkov, adviser to Crimean leader Sergei Akhionov, announced that the plan for 2030 had been drawn up.

On Tuesday Luhansk Governor Sergei Hajdaj predicted that in about two weeks, Ukraine would benefit from a major change in the front line of the Donetsk Basin.

Donetsk County Governor Pavlo Grilenko told a telegram that at least ten people had been killed and 15 wounded in Avgizhivka as a result of a Russian artillery attack on a coking plant. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a bus stop preparing to return home, MTI said.

They ban Russian allies who glorify Russian aggression

On Tuesday, the Ukrainian parliament passed a second, final reading law banning Moscow allies from operating in Ukraine. 330 MPs in the 451-member legislature voted in favor of the resolution. Olena Suljak, a spokeswoman for the People’s Service Party behind President Volodymyr Zelensky, said the law prohibits parties from pursuing their plans or activities, including Russia’s internal armed aggression against Ukraine, including justifying, recognizing or denying the legitimate nature of the armed aggression against Ukraine. Russian occupation of Ukraine, perpetrators of armed aggression against Ukraine, members of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, members of other illegal armed groups, mercenary troops or members of the local leadership appointed by the occupiers.

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Pravda recalled that the Ukrainian National Security and Security Council (RNBO) had revoked the licenses of several pro-Moscow Ukrainian parties, including the opposition Platform for Life, led by Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Victor Medvetsuk, a wealthy oligarch, was accused of treason. The party’s committee was suspended in parliament on April 14.