December 2, 2022

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Ukraine: Russian forces try to attack from many directions

During the day, Russian forces fired rocket launchers east of Kharkiv, Derhasi and Prukyanga. They launched an offensive near Izzum, but were defeated and retreated after suffering casualties. Earlier, a Defense Ministry spokesman said Russian troops were trying to occupy two residences 20 kilometers (20 miles) from Izum and were conducting artillery and airstrikes in the Kharkiv province. No casualties were reported.

On the Battle of Donetsk, fighting resumed along the entire front line between the Ukrainian and secessionist territories, with Russian forces firing on Ukrainian positions with landmines and artillery. Attempts to break through the Ukrainian defensive line near Kurahov, about 50 kilometers west of Donetsk, failed.

Donetsk Governor Pavlo Grilenko said in a telegram report that the Russians had used phosphorus-laden shells in Avikijivka. An airstrike struck the city in the morning, injuring at least one civilian. According to the governor, the city was hit twice by phosphorous bombs, first around the local coking plant on Tuesday night and then in the city center on Wednesday. Disasters caused fires in many parts of the settlement.

According to the Kiev Public Service Commission

In the occupied territories of Zaporizhia Oblast in eastern Ukraine, Russian soldiers search the homes of locals to identify members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and list locals.

It is forbidden to go on the street in the occupied area without an identity document.

Russian forces are preparing for a so-called referendum, ballot printing and verification of personal data of local people in the occupied territories of southern Ukraine. Russian troops continue to prevent civilians from leaving the occupied territories.

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The Ukrainian state-run Railways said another Russian missile strike had destroyed a road and rail bridge over the Dynestor Facade in the Odessa region of southern Ukraine, and therefore no suburban trains to Billhorod-Dnistrovsky.

Sergei Wolinsky, commander of the 36th Marine Regiment of Ukraine defending Mariupol on the shores of the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov in a video message on Wednesday

He called for the rescue of the city’s guards, modeled on the 1940 operation in Dunkirk.

In 1940, the Nazi Germans completely besieged French and British troops near Dunkirk. Allied troops were threatened with catastrophe, but the German command was ordered to stop the attack and not to approach Dunkirk more than 10 kilometers away. More than 300,000 French and British soldiers were expelled during the rescue operation, the Ukrainian Pravda news portal recalled.

“We have been fighting under complete siege for sixty-two days, and now we are stationed with units of the Azov Brigade and other organizations at the Azov steel plant. “Mariupol garrison .Wounded people die, others die in battle, and with us they die in public shelters, private homes and high – rise buildings, where Mariupol’s bodyguards are waiting for help,” he said.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Kharkiv, Ihor Terehov, promised in a telegram that at the first council meeting after the victory of Ukraine he would propose to change all public domain names referring to Russia.