August 14, 2022

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Ty Dillon and Erik Jones hit the L1 rules

Ty Dillon and Erik Jones hit the L1 rules

NASCAR announced Saturday that the 42nd and 43rd teams of Betty GMS Motorsports from Ty Dillon And the Eric Jones L1 penalties assessed for rule violations related to rock box rallies.

Dillon and Jones, along with their teams, earned 35 points for the driver and owner.

In addition, Dillon and Jones’ crew chiefs, Jeram Donnelly and Dave Ellens, have been evicted from the Pocono race circuit, where Sunday’s Cup Series races will take place.

NASCAR cited Section 14.6.5e of the Cup Series rulebook, which is as follows:

“The rocker box vent in the front tire extraction area shall have a metal screen mounted on the inner surface with an opening size of at least 0.25 in. The screen may be attached or mechanically attached to the inner surface of the rocker box.”

In a statement, Petty GMS announced that it would not appeal the ruling. Petty GMS Competition Director Joey Cohen will serve as interim crew chief for Dillon’s crew on Sunday. Danny Evland will play the same role as Jones.

Earlier on Saturday, the #42 Dillon team lost a crew member after the #42 car failed twice in its pre-race check. The team also lost its choice of pitch for Sunday.

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