February 3, 2023

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Two minerals never before seen on Earth have been found inside a 17-ton meteorite

The 2.5 ounce slice which contains the two brand new minerals.

Two minerals never before seen on Earth have been discovered inside a huge meteorite in Somalia. They could hold important clues to how asteroids formed.

The two new minerals were found inside a single 2.5-ounce (70-gram) chip taken from the 16.5-tonne (15 metric-ton) meteorite of the Most High, which shattered into a land In 2020. Scientists named the mineral elaliite meteor And elkinstantonite yet Lindy Elkins Tanton (Opens in a new tab)managing director of the Arizona State University Interplanetary Initiative and principal investigator on NASA’s upcoming Psyche mission, which will send a probe to investigate mineral-rich Psyche asteroid For a guide on how we work Solar SystemPlanets formed.