September 27, 2023

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Trump’s son has been begging his father to end the siege of the Capitol

Donald Trump Jr. bombed his father’s boss, saying only the president could prevent him from losing control on January 6.

The latter received many criticisms Months Donald Trump Jr., The son of a former US president, but now it turns out he has common sense skills. The BBC News Writes about The initial siege of the Capitol A text message sent by Donald Trump Jr. was submitted to the Commission of Inquiry Mark Meadowsnock, To her father’s chief executive on the day of the riot.

January 6, 2021 is the day the US Legislature officially ratified the Democrats. Joe Biden His victory in the presidential election was called – without any justification – by a fallen president who was deceived. Large-scale demonstrations have been organized in Washington to this day by organizations close to the Republican Party, which later slipped out of the control of the organizers, and even some critics, including the then president, senior Donald Trump He gathered the crowd, which led to the Capitol, that is, to the Assembly building. They entered, MPs and senators were evicted, people were killed and wounded.

So Donald Trump Jr. sent several messages that day to the repressive crowd (hoping Trump could influence them) to approach President Meadows. Republican Party Liz Cheney, According to the deputy chairman of the inquiry committee, brief and difficult messages were sent by the chairman’s son. It is:

You must now condemn this ugliness.

The chief executive also responded to Trump Jr., saying Cheney was very confident in the president. The exchange of messages was repeated, with Trump Jr. writing that the situation was out of control and that only his father could streamline his words.

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Earlier on Monday, several well-known faces on the long-running pro-Trump News Fox news channel sent a message to Meadows, approaching Trump to stop the crowd. Laura Ingraham He argued that Trump would destroy his presidential tradition if he did not enter. Based on all of this, Cheney (albeit a Republican) says

The White House is well aware of what is happening in the Capitol.