September 30, 2022

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Travel: Those who want to go to Greece and Italy may be happy

For example, the Greek Civil Aviation Authority has announced that precautionary measures against corona virus infection have been lifted on international and domestic flights, but mandatory masks are in effect at airports and on air.

Previously, travelers to Greece had to test negative test results, proof of vaccination, or recover from an infection.

In Italy, the Ministry of Health has revoked the obligation to issue vaccination certificates in restaurants, nightclubs, cinemas and gyms. However, this document is still required when traveling to hospitals or nursing homes.

Italian authorities have also abolished the requirement to wear a mask in shopping malls, workplaces and shops. But you still have to wear the mask on public transportation, theaters and health and medical facilities.

However, Italian health officials strongly recommend the mask for indoor activities, and private companies require their employees to wear it.

From Sunday, travelers to Italy will no longer have to fill out the complex online EU Passenger Tracking Form required during airport check-in.

In addition to removing the restrictions, public health officials have called for awareness, emphasizing that the epidemic is not over yet.

Data on international epidemics here You can read.

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