September 29, 2023

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Those who are not vaccinated can be isolated in Austria

In Austria, he declared that if the epidemic situation worsened, people who had not been vaccinated against the corona virus would be isolated. Alexander Shallenberg The Austrian president tightened his grip after an extraordinary cabinet meeting on Friday night.

According to an MTI report, the Chancellor said the move would be made when intensive care units in Austrian hospitals are partially filled.

We are going to stumble upon an unsafe and unvaccinated infection

Said the Chancellor.

Wolfgang Maxstein As a complement to the multi-phase plan adopted by the government and provincial leaders in mid-September, the health minister stressed the need to face significant austerity and curfew restrictions on those who have survived or have not been vaccinated against the corona virus.

The so-called 2G rule will be introduced in the 25 per cent concentration of intensive care units, according to which people who have not been vaccinated should not be in an infectious environment visiting a restaurant, hotel, various events or hospitals. Or nursing homes, even the latest negative test. Isolation is ordered for those who are not vaccinated at the final stage, i.e. at a concentration of 30 percent in the intensive care unit. During this period, the persons concerned may leave their residence only for compelling reasons. However, Schoenberg ruled that the shortage would affect both the vaccine and the recovered. As he said, he hopes these programs will spark interest in vaccination.

Currently, intensive care units in Austrian hospitals are 11 percent complete, which corresponds to the first phase of the epidemiological program, with a concentration of 30 percent being critical.

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In Austria, 791,226 victims have been identified since the eruption, of whom 11,233 have died from the disease. In the past week, an average of 230 corona virus infections per 100,000 people.