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‘This Is Us’: Alexandra Breckinridge on Sophie and Kevin in Season 6

'This Is Us': Alexandra Breckinridge on Sophie and Kevin in Season 6

This post contains spoilers from Tuesday this is us. Please proceed accordingly.

Well, tick another one this is us The puzzle is also solved. if it was The comment sections of our summaries are any indication, many of you will probably be very pleased with the result.

Throughout the NBC drama’s run, ever was the question about who Kevin should end up with, and Sophie’s name—and with him, the cameraman. Alexandra BreckenridgeFill in the comments section profusely and clearly.

“That seems to be the majority, that’s the reaction,” Breckenridge told TVLine, laughing. “I saw something somewhere, people were like ‘We won’t be watching this show if they don’t end up together! “

Well, these people now can breathe easy. In this week’s episode, Kevin and Sophie romantically reunite, two decades after the teenage union ended in grief. The re-pairing is facilitated by Kate and Philip’s wedding, which brings newly divorced Sophie and finally mature Kevin back into each other’s orbits. Conversations took place. A freak happens in middle age. By the end of the hour, the couple decided to have the courage and do it again, closing the quest with a kiss in front of the entire Cave family. (Read full summary.)

We chatted with Breckenridge, who also stars in Netflix’s Virgin Riverabout bonus role playing for Kevin and Sophie’s Long Romantic arc. Read on for her thoughts – and find out how far we’ll see her as the series gets closer May 24 final.

TVLINE | We have an idea of ​​how much Kevin has thought of Sophie over the years. Do you think they’re on the same level, in terms of how much has been on her mind in the years since they were together?
My God. definitely. As she said in an episode, the kind of love you can’t get away from is in your heart. It just stays with you. Both tried to move from each other in different iterations. Obviously with Madison, and she married Grant, but she was trying to settle down. Sophie really wanted to be with someone who would show her off, while Kevin, historically, was completely self-centered and never been able to show up for her. She found it in Grant, but unfortunately she did not like him. She loved Kevin. So, I guess that’s where you are. When we get into the loop, I think she walks there really hopefully. Even though Kevin broke her heart twice, she still hoped for it… and it clearly is.

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Although it is believed that she was married initially. I’m really glad that they were able to find their way back to each other, and that it made sense this time in a way that I think is sustainable.

TVLINE | There are a lot of long, hard looks between you and Justin Hartley in the episode. How much has been written, and how much is out of your work history? And do you break down someday, do you start laughing?
We definitely laugh a lot. [Laughs] I mean, he’s so funny, it’s hard not to laugh. When we are in those moments, some are written, and some are directed. There is a scene in this episode where we were walking into a grocery store and Justin was on fire. He said, “You should put all that random nonsense in your basket.” It’s like, “Only when you’re here talking, just put a band-aid pad there.” And I can’t explain how funny it was at the moment, but for some reason it was, so it’s so funny that Sophie would have had two packs of bandages for no reason. So, while we’re doing this scene, I’m trying to do it with a straight face. And I just looked at him, and he was looking at me, and then I put two boxes of Band-Aids in the basket trying to break it really badly. [Laughs] We almost laughed, but we made it.

Interview This Is Us Kevin Sophie Alexandra BreckenridgeTVLINE | It was important to me that Rebecca got to know Sophie, even at this point in her mental illness. It was a reminder that whatever Sophie is to Kevin, she is also a touchstone in the life of the Pearson family. Talk to me about Sophie’s thoughts while Rebecca talks to her.
I changed Sophie’s mind at that moment. Sophie doesn’t know what to do. It is very torn. And Rebecca comes up with such wise wisdom that Rebecca doesn’t know she has because it was in the past for her. So in fact it is as if she sees the future, which is the present. It’s really cool, the way they wrote this scene. Sophie has grown up with [Rebecca] As kind of a part of her extended family since she was young, obviously. So they have that family thing, and I think it makes sense for Rebecca to get to know her. And yes, it was a very important moment for Sophie to hear those words from Rebecca, as it cemented her next step.

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TVLINE | Sophie’s speech at the end of the episode is great. It’s one of the rare times non-Pearson manages to direct the emotional flow!
You know, when I read the episode, when I cut short the moment in the bedroom with Justin, I go through this whole talk. In fact, there was a lot in the monologue at the time, but the part they cut made perfect sense in the flow of the show, and I’m really glad they took those scenes. So, I have these two really powerful, meaningful speeches that I gave, and I was really nervous about it, coming from an actor’s point of view. To get back on the show… You know, I’m not on the show all the time. For all purposes, I’m a guest star, and I’ve come to a very successful show with all these incredibly talented actors, to give this moment to the end of this long-anticipated episode, I was like, Holy hell! [Laughs] I was like oh, s-t. what should I do? So I was excited, nervous, and half terrified.

We did this in many different ways. There were various iterations of the tempo and overall tone of that moment, but in the end they agreed with my first instinct, which I was incredibly grateful for, and it was really validating when I watched the episode that they went with something that was how I saw it. It was great for Sophie to come over and say this after all this time, a huge place for her to get to. It was huge…

We did the scene, and then when we did the kiss part, everyone was just standing there. At first, it was a little weird and awkward. Like everyone kind of gave in, and we looked like, “Isn’t that weird guys?” They just watch us kiss. The children are there. We’re like oh, that’s weird. But I think the way it played was sweet. The whole family was kinda rooting for them to find their way to each other. She was sweet.

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Interview This Is Us Kevin Sophie Alexandra BreckenridgeTVLINE | Will she appear regularly for the rest of the season?
I mean, Sophie doesn’t disappear. I will tell you that.

TVLINE | She doesn’t like, “I have to wrap things up in Berlin! I’ll see you in a few months!”
[Laughs] Yeah. The rest are all FaceTime episodes. I think she’s just going to FaceTime with him. “I have to go, honey. This guy is bleeding. Sorry!” [Laughs]

TVLINE | Are any of the remaining episodes heavy on Kevin/Sophie?
There are very few episodes after this one. Coming to Rebecca’s deathbed is important. For Sophie, Beth and Phillip, they are the support system and support team for the Pearson children as they navigate this loud and horrific illness and their mother, a huge figure in the family.

TVLINE | My final question: Did Kevin never give Sophie Valentine’s Day? Why did he have, when he had her?
Well, he gave her Valentine, and said, “Will you be my Valentine? Circle yes or no.” She turned yes and returned it to him.


TVLINE | I love that you had to explain Valentine’s Day to me in elementary school.
[Laughs] Well, it’s something I haven’t thought of. It was only logical. I didn’t even think about it, but someone said earlier, like, did Kevin carry this in his wallet the whole time while he was dating other women? You were such a really good question! [Laughs]