March 29, 2023

South Sudan News Agency

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This is how the Russians occupied the base of the terrible neo-Nazi Azov forces.

The Russian leadership accuses Azov of war crimes, and when they talk about Nazi expulsion, they often think of them.

Montiner writes that one of the sites of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi National Guard subdivision in Mariupol fell. This is the first documented case in which the Russian military and Donetsk separatists have occupied the Azov base.

As the headquarters of the Azov National Guard subdivision is located, Mariupol is attacked by such fierce forces by the Russians. The armed group also functions as a political organization, with a significant number of extremist nationalists and neo-Nazis.

The Russians accuse Azov of war crimes, and when they talk about the “Naziisation” of Ukraine, they often think of Azov’s rallies and activities. Members of the Russian military hunt down Azov, and even civilians individually check to see if Azov is tattooed.

Russian forces now attacking Mariupol and protesters in Donetsk appear to have occupied one of Aso’s bases. This is the first time the base of the Guardian “elite” unit has fallen into Russian hands.

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