September 29, 2023

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This is how Russia retaliates against spies sent home

Russia will also suspend NATO military operations in Moscow and the North Atlantic Alliance information office at the Belgian embassy.

According to the explanatory note, Moscow responded to the coalition’s announcement on October 6 that it would reduce Russia’s NATO representation from 18 to 10. The expulsion of eight members of the Russian mission was justified by NATO on the grounds that those involved were engaged in “hostile activity.”

As a result of NATO’s firm action, there are no conditions for initial diplomacy, and in response to NATO’s action, we will suspend the work of our permanent representative, including our military top representative, probably from November 1, but it may take a few more days, Lavrov said.

He said NATO activities had already been reported to the NATO International Secretariat. He said NATO should contact the Russian embassy in Belgium to communicate with Russia.

Russia will no longer pretend that any change in NATO relations is possible in the short term

Lavrov said.

It was reported on Sunday that US President Lloyd Austin, who is visiting Tbilisi and Kiev, would like to announce the opening of NATO gates to Georgia and Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told France 5 that Ukraine’s membership in NATO would mean the worst situation and crossing the red line of Russian national security. Peshsov warned that this was a situation that would force Russia to take drastic measures to ensure its security.

Cover Image Source: Michael Svetlov / Getty Images

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