June 6, 2023

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They set up a crisis group to insist on compulsory vaccination in Germany

According to Saskia Esken, co-chair of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), the crisis committee is working “at the beginning of the week.”

The leader of the coalition, the largest party in the coalition, is expected to take office in ten more days, and Bayerischer Rundfunk, the Bavarian provincial public service media outlet, said everything must be done to reduce the burden on intensive care units, MTI writes.

Stephen Seibert, spokesman for the executive government, said at the Berlin conference that a crisis committee set up by future government parties would be set up “as soon as possible.”

Candidates for Chancellor Angela Merkel and Vander Olaf Skos, the deputy finance minister of the Merkel government, also said.

Olaf Scholz announced at a presentation on a coalition agreement with the Greens and Liberals (FDP) on November 24 that a permanent crisis committee would be set up during the epidemic to coordinate the efforts of the federal government and the provincial governments responsible for controlling the epidemic. .

The army is expected to be led by Major General Carsten Brewer (Bundeswehr), a senior logistics specialist. Brewer will lead the staff as commander of the Army Headquarters for Military-Civilian Cooperation (Commando Territoriale Aufgaben der Bundeswehr).

Pandesware has so far been involved in the fight against the fourth wave of the epidemic. According to a summary of the Ministry of Defense on Monday, nearly eight thousand soldiers assist in the work of civil servants and companies. For example, more than seven hundred people work in hospitals, about seven hundred are involved in the vaccination campaign, and nearly 2,500 soldiers support the work of local – district, city – health offices.

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The fourth wave is still in its infancy, and every day tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with a new type of corona virus (SARS-CoV-2). Experience to date shows that approximately one percent of victims will be admitted to the intensive care unit within 7 to 10 days. Leopoldina (National Academy of Sciences) warns that with tens of thousands of new infections occurring every day, this could mean hundreds of new patients a day and lead to a long-term burden of care. Of the week. According to its resolution, the number of contacts and encounters with the risk of infection should be reduced immediately and substantially, and the obligation to vaccinate against Govt-19 should be introduced to all.

One of the authors of the extraordinary resolution, Jutta Gardner, president of the Pediatric Institute at the University Clinic in Kottingen, told ZDF National Public Television on Monday that the failure to take action to reduce and “hesitate” the epidemic was incomprehensible and unacceptable. On policy classifiers. As he said, controls should be applied equally to those who have been vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated because those who are vaccinated can spread the virus.

The next heads of state and federal government are scheduled to discuss security on December 9. According to a press release issued on Monday, the meeting will be presented and will take place soon on Tuesday.

The Professional Organization for Intensive Care and Accident Care (DIII) reported on Monday that 4,599 people were being treated in intensive care units in Germany for illness caused by the virus (Govit-19). Although it was less than a thousand more than the peak of 5762 during the worst phase of the second wave of last Christmas epidemic, it was 140 more than a day earlier and 754 more than a week earlier. There are an estimated 2,458 free beds in intensive care units across the country.

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According to data from the Robert Koch National Institute of Epidemiology (RKI) on Monday, 29,364 infections have been screened in the last 24 hours. This is down from 30,643 a week ago. With the new cases, the virus has been detected in 5,791,060 people since the outbreak began last spring. In connection with Govit-19, 73 deaths were recorded in a single day, bringing the number of victims in Germany to 100,956.