February 3, 2023

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They can confiscate the car in Austria – it turns out they can take Hungarian cars too

A new package of laws is being proposed in Austria that would see police confiscate the cars of speeders. Gist of the Regulation: Those who drive at a speed of 110 km/h in a residential area and 200 km/h on the highway will have their car impounded for two weeks. Say goodbye to your car if you go faster than 130 or 220 or be considered retarded.

The cars will be auctioned and 70 percent of the proceeds will go to the Road Traffic Safety Fund and 30 percent to the eligible municipality. The vehicle will be impounded, a hefty fine must be paid, and the driver’s license will be revoked.

InfoRádió asked the head of the legal committee of the Hungarian Automobile Club about the legality of the change in the law, as new fines are planned to be introduced in the next house. Kázmér Kázmér Kovács called this proposal thought-provoking, because according to the draft, a simple speed will not be punished, but if it exceeds the permitted speed.

“In the case of a recidivist who really abuses the opportunity to drive on the road in a crazy way, this is thought-provoking in principle, but at the same time it raises another issue: the question of proportionality of the punishment, it doesn’t really matter how much the confiscated vehicle is worth,” said the lawyer, while , he added that there is a principle in the Criminal Code that the property of the offense can and should be confiscated.

This draft raises many questions as one does not drive one’s own car or one cannot know what the solution is if one uses a company car. Hungarian drivers are very interested in how the new regulations apply to foreign drivers and cars.

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“It is obvious that legal aid cannot be granted to foreigners until the same or a similar provision is included in the laws of the country of origin.

Until this happens, they will not be able to carry out the sentence,” said Casmar Kovacs, pointing out that EU regulations should also be amended for this.

However, fines imposed in Austria and the EU can already be collected, with only one time limit: no more than one year must pass after the foreign decision became final.

Opening image: Yauheni Kazlou/Getty Images