September 29, 2023

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These are the most precious and valuable animals in the world

The sale or pricing of animals has long been the subject of ethical debate, and how to “price” a wild animal is not really easy. However, in addition to the classic animal trade, there are also some research that seeks to assess the ecological value of animals, which may be an important reference for environmentalists and animal conservationists, for example in the fight against poaching or fishing.

About ten years ago, the Big Dave duck was put up for auction in the UK. The award-winning musk duck has been a regular guest at breeding shows and is almost a celebrity in the industry. Its owner, Graham Hicks, was about to retire, so he auctioned off Big Day with a heavy heart. He was very surprised to find that the ducks were bought for 1, 1,500 (approximately HUF 637,000) at the end of the £ 900 auction. In addition, the buyer is a breeder, and its members return the animals to Hicks – as a gift for his retirement years. The story is famous for making Big Dave the most valuable duck in the world – writes BBC.

However, the Big Dave is not the only animal of great value. In farm livestock, when full luck is paid to an animal, at first it may seem strange. However, these events are not very rare.
An example is the case of the double diamond goat, which was purchased by the Farmers’ Federation in 2020 for $ 490,500 (approximately HUF 152.5 million).The point is not the goat, but its genetics. Double Diamond is an excellent Texal goat of a special breed bred on a small island off the coast of the Netherlands.

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Texal is worth sheepSource: Flickr / daniMu

However, double diamonds are not the most expensive farm animal in history. The most valuable cows and bulls are surrounded by objects. For example, a celebrity, Missy, a Holstein woman, was bought in 2009 for $ 1.2 million.

But even this goodness pushed SAV USA 8018 Angus bull in 2019, worth $ 1.51 million. The latter is very surprisingly valuable to the buyer due to its heritage.

Pets worth staying

Although opinions on dog breeding are highly divisive among dog owners, it is certain that many can afford the full fortune for a pure breeding model. The all-time record holder is the Big Splash of the Tibetan Mastiff, who in 2011 paid 10 million Chinese yuan to the owner dog. At current prices, this equates to approximately $ 1.55 million (approximately HUF 482 million).

No such world record has been set for cats, but it is known that the Savannah cat is definitely one of the most expensive breeds. For each of these, breeders ask for up to about $ 20,000 (more than $ 6 million).

Some pets are worth millionsSource: Getty Images / Film Magic / Bruce Clicas

Nevertheless, the world knows what the richest cat has ever lived. According to Guinness World Records, “she” is Blackie, who earned $ 9.7 million in 1988 from her antique dealer. However, dogs performed better in this area as well. Toby, the dog, received $ 15 million from its owner in 1931. He was the last living member of a wealthy New York real estate family.

The most famous cat on the internet, Crumby Cat (real name Tartar Sauce) is known for his famous clear face, which may have earned up to $ 100 million before he died (our picture in the gallery).

The most valuable competitors

Perhaps surprisingly, among the most valuable animals, competitive animals will be given a prominent place. The “weighed” competition in this category will most likely be won by the pigeon New Kim. The pigeon was purchased by an anonymous Chinese auctioneer at the end of 2020 for $ 1.8 million (approximately HUF 560 million).
Even less surprising is that racehorses are a worthwhile one. Among them, the long-time leaderboard was driven by Seattle racer Dancer, who paid $ 13.1 million (over $ 4 billion) in 1985. Unfortunately, the horse’s life was too short because he was only able to compete five times after the kick business due to illness and then had to retreat.

Since then, however, Seattle’s dancer price record has been broken. One of the most expensive racehorses is the Fusichi Pegasus, which was purchased in 2000 for $ 64 million (approximately HUF 20 billion) – and then had some major success on the race track. Finally, the horse retired in late 2020.

Wealth in the wilderness

It is very difficult to estimate the material value of wildlife, and it is even more difficult to establish any consistent, objective system. Although determining the financial value or price of animals is openly subject to ethical debate, attempts to make such measurements have been made in recent decades. While measuring the value of wildlife “in service” to humans is a viable method, other research has focused on factors such as the environmental impact of animals (e.g. carbon sequestration, pollination) or their value determined by tourism.

One study found that the total value of biosphere ecosystem services is estimated at about $ 145,000 billion annually. For example, if we break this down, the average value of coral reefs is $ 200,000 per hectare (approximately HUF 62 million). And the value of the pest plant pollination “service” is in the range of $ 180-500 billion annually.

Pollinating insects are worth billionsSource: Developed by Pixabay / Thomas Skyver

At the same time, the BBC created a full set in 2015, in which it was shown, for example The total tourist value of sharks is approximate. It is estimated at $ 944 million (approximately HUF 295 billion), while grazing beetle “services” are valued at $ 380 million (approximately HUF 118 billion).In Canada alone, polar bears are worth about $ 6.3 billion.

Surprisingly, because of their physical and / or diet, the carbon sequencing “services” of animals such as elephants are very valuable. One research team found that the environmental value of each elephant was about $ 1.8 million (approximately $ 560 million). Whales are very valuable. Here the figure shows the largest variation. For bike whales it can range from $ 165,000 to $ 4 million ($ 1.2 billion). For example, the environmental value of a blue whale is about $ 2 million.

The blue whale is the most powerful animal on earthSource:

The case of the giant pandas is particularly special. Since the entire panda population of the world is owned by China, many zoos (but especially in the United States) have to pay “lease fees” for pandas. That would be up to $ 1 million a year. Also pandas live more than 20 years on average, so animals at the zoo are a very serious expense. And if a Pondbach is born, they are said to be paid an additional (once) $ 600,000.

While this research may seem absurd at first, it is important from an environmental and animal welfare perspective. Based on these, it is best to evaluate for example the penalties that should be imposed for illegal hunting for certain species. That is, it is clear that in such cases it may often be of greater value than the hunters or officers think.