June 1, 2023

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“There is no unscriptural aspect to what we do” – Deadline

A group of top models met today to discuss the WGA strike — a day after it came to light, the studios told the writer/producers that they weren’t relieved of producing duties while on labor.

The meeting took place at the WGA Theater in Beverly Hills with the likes of Damon Lindelof, Sean Ryan and David Steinberg in attendance.

It comes after the majority of the studios, including Warner Bros. Discovery, Disney and Paramount, sent letters to the bidders, telling them to continue production.

“These emails from the studio have now had the opposite intended effect,” a model who attended today’s gathering told Deadline. “Now we are more united, more convinced than ever that there is no unscriptural side to what we do.”

Showrunners have warned that all they do is write, and many have said they will not be producing during the strike, which began on Tuesday.

Glen Mazzara, who was the presenter the walking Dead He told Deadline yesterday that he has stopped performing production duties on his latest series, AMC’s beacon 23, which is currently in post-production, MSN. “I don’t get my week anymore, I could probably say, ‘I’m still producing.'” No, I support the union. I’m not producing. “I’m not in touch with the people who work on my show,” he said.

He also urged other bidders not to do so either. “I would ask all contestants to stop working on their shows completely. We want the strike to be as painful for the companies as possible so that it can be as short as possible so we can get back to work.”

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WGA Negotiating Committee co-chair Chris Keyser spoke at the meeting, which also included chief negotiator Ellen Stutzman, negotiating committee co-chair David Goodman, union treasurer Betsy Thomas and chair Meredith Stehm.

The emails started earlier this week.

“If you are a member of the WGA, HBO/HBO Max respects your membership in the WGA, and we will not do anything to jeopardize you with the rules of the WGA,” reads a May 2 letter from the Warner Bros Discovery-owned division. “However, we believe that certain services, such as participating in the casting process and/or contributing to non-written productions, and post-production work are clear examples of non-WGA required services that should continue to be provided during this time,” she continued.

Disney sent a similar note. “We specifically want to assure you as another presenter or writer and producer that you are not excused from performing your duties as showrunner and/or producer on your series as a result of the WGA strike,” the email read May 3. “Studio intends to continue production during the WGA strike and we are legally entitled to do so.”