September 29, 2023

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There is a storm like Sicily covering itself

Sicilian residents have already locked themselves in their homes and closed offices, schools and shops due to hurricane-like storms that have already killed three people, which, according to weather forecasts, could intensify again from Thursday night.

Following the weather forecast, another warning was issued mainly for the east coast of Sicily.

At night, heavy rain is expected to be classified as a severe tropical storm, with winds returning at speeds of up to one hundred kilometers per hour. Hurricane Apollo has already reported heavy rainfall from seas and waves more than four or five meters high coming from the Ionian Sea.

Eterdo Ferrara Meteorologist Askanews told the news agency that the tropical storm could turn into a hurricane at any time, as has happened in recent days. The phenomenon was named medicine, combining the words Mediterranean and hurricane.

Special preparations have been ordered for Catania, Messina, Ragusa and Syracuse.
When Hungarians living in Catania informed the MTI, it was at home to see some people on the street. The shops are closed, the entrances and shop windows are covered with sandbags and boards. Just hours before closing, people besieged grocery stores. Offices, schools and restaurants will also be closed until Tuesday.

Catania’s historic fish market has also been closed, where on the first wave of medicine, on Mondays and Tuesdays, a human-height tidal wave: the square in front of the dome turned into a lake, leaving mud and debris. In two days, one-third of the island’s annual rainfall fell: one hundred and fifty millimeters per hour, in Lentini near Catania, and on Mount Edna nearly four hundred millimeters.

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The body of a woman who was swept away in the water was found on Thursday, with 3 people dead due to inclement weather.

Coincidentally, the sky over Catania was still covered by dark clouds as the Edna volcano erupted.