September 29, 2023

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The wayward mod replaces the cat’s meow with “Jason!” from heavy rain

The wayward mod replaces the cat's meow with "Jason!"  from heavy rain

stray It is a bold new adventure game where you play as a cat. You can do things for cats and you can even get the cat Meow on command just by pressing a button. It’s all good and nice, but now one developer has created a mod that replaces the cute meow with the voice of Ethan Mars from Heavy rain He shouts, “Jason!”

Nexus Mods gibrietas user Created and published mod, which is available for the Windows PC version of stray. Under the description, the creator said it’s replacing the meow with “a plea to find your lost son, terrible father.” Gibrietas has been published Video from the Ministry of Defense At work on their YouTube channel; You can view it below.

In case you need a refresher, Jason meme originates in the Quantic Dream adventure game Heavy rain, which was released in 2010 on PlayStation 3. Its story is about a man named Ethan Mars as he tries to save his son Sean, who has been kidnapped by an origami killer. During the flashback sequence, Mars’ eldest son, Jason, is wandering away from him in a crowded mall. The player can Press X to call Ethan Jason As he desperately tries to find the boy.

While it’s funny to hear the adorable ginger kitty use the voice of an adult man, Ethan and the cat do have a few things in common: They both go on a dramatic search for their family. in strayCat roams a futuristic city in search of her cats, Mars spends Heavy rain He tries to find his son.

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