June 1, 2023

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The war intensified with the appointment of a brutal Russian commander – Ukraine advanced near Kherson today

Ukraine has officially applied to add the old city of Odessa on the Black Sea to UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

We must send a clear signal that the world will not stand by when our shared history, shared culture and shared heritage are destroyed.

he said Volodymyr Zelensky In his video message Tuesday, the Ukrainian president addressed the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s executive board, saying the southern Ukrainian port city, also known as the Pearl of the Black Sea, is a source of culture for millions of people. the world.”

In his message announcing the submission of the application for accession, the Ukrainian president said that since the beginning of the war on February 24.

Russian bombing in Ukraine caused destruction to 540 cultural heritage sites, cultural institutions and religious monuments.

Since the start of the war, residents of Odessa have defended their city with sandbags and barricades, which have been hit repeatedly by Russian rockets.

Adding to the World Heritage List could give the historic old city greater protection, an international convention signed by both Russia and Ukraine prohibits member states from destroying each other’s cultural and natural heritage.

Zelensky called on UNESCO to take action against the destruction of hundreds of cultural objects in UkraineExpel Russia from all its elements, even from the system itself.

What else are the representatives of Russia looking for among you?

– The Ukrainian president asked that Russia’s leadership of the World Heritage Committee this year undermines the organization’s authority and importance.

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“Positioned at the crossroads of cultures and migrations, the center of Odesa was formed as a result of many influences, its heritage and history resonate throughout the world and remain a strong symbol,” he said in his announcement. Audrey AzoleDirector General of UNESCO.

According to the Director General, the application for inclusion will be decided by the World Heritage Committee at its next meeting. However, this year’s July meeting in Russia has been postponed indefinitely due to war and venue, so the date is uncertain.