June 2, 2023

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The virus has entered the lab: those who have not been vaccinated can wait for lizards at home

In Austria’s two provinces of Salzburg and Upper Austria, Health Minister Wolfgang Maxstein announced on Friday afternoon that closures for unvaccinated people would be implemented from Monday. The decision to extend the move nationwide will be made in consultation with federal state leaders on Sunday afternoon.

Not long ago, Federal Chancellor Alexander Shalenberg announced his readiness to implement a nationwide closure for those who had not been vaccinated. Reported ORF.at.

Area closures for those not vaccinated in both provinces will be ordered by the Ministry of Health, but further epidemiological measures will already be taken at the provincial level. In Upper Austria, all events except sports and cultural events will be canceled from December 6. Dinner will be discontinued and there will be Christmas exhibitions in the province, but with the obligation to wear a mask, food and drinks will be banned, which is expected to significantly reduce the glamor of the events.

At the same time, M├╝ckstein was very lenient with how they could monitor compliance in practice.

Nationwide solution

Shallenberg says the government is looking for a nationwide solution, but they want to avoid public closure that affects all prices for vaccinated, recovered and non-vaccinated. According to him, those who are protected from the disease by the vaccine should be protected, and there is no point in being in solidarity with those who have not been vaccinated with the general freeze.

Area Disabling – As before – means those who are barred from going outside for food and health reasons. The study will be random.

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Emphasis is placed on the general knowledge of the people and not on control. As he said, “The situation is serious, it is our health, our most important benefit, no one should take it lightly.” Schalennberg regrets that a closing cycle is re-emerging, but he says it can only be mixed with vaccines, and the common goal is to liberate the health care system.

At the same time, according to constitutional advocates reporting to the ORF, it is doubtful whether the measures to impose curfews on people who have not been vaccinated will be taken in a truly constitutional manner. It is not possible to talk exclusively about the infection of those who have been vaccinated, especially since there are a lot of infections among those who have been vaccinated.

Vaccination three times: 612 thousand

In Austria, with a population of 8.9 million, nearly 111,000 active corona virus cases are currently reported, and 810,000 people are already infected. 6.05 million people first, 5.38 million people second, and 612,000 people have already received the third vaccine against Govt-19. Kovit-19 was diagnosed with the disease, and a total of 11,641 people have died since the outbreak in the spring of 2020 (one-third of Hungary). The hospital currently has 2,294 corona patients, 430 of whom are in need of intensive care.

Austrian authorities have not reported the number of intensive care patients receiving artificial respiration on a daily basis, so this cannot be directly compared with Hungarian data. However, health experts have said before According to The number of Covit-19 patients requiring intensive care is 20 to 50 percent higher than those requiring ventilation. The latter is currently 509 in Hungary, so it can be concluded that the number of corona virus infections in Hungary, which currently requires intensive treatment, is at least one and a half times higher than in Austria.

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In Austria, with the use of FFP-2 masks in early October, the mask duty was reintroduced in public places from mid-September. In Vienna, for example, FFP-2 masks have been mandatory on public transport since the eruption.