June 1, 2023

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The US is warning the Ukrainians against a new Russian counterattack and they have revealed some other secret advice

The official defended the U.S. decision not to deliver Abrams tanks to Ukraine for now because they are expensive and challenging to maintain, while after the ground freezes, both Russian and Ukrainian sides could launch offensives that could move the front lines. . The Germans responded to the American decision not to supply Abrams tanks for the time being by not supplying them with Panther-2s either:

The official also revealed that the Ukrainians had been asked not to retaliate against the artillery fire. The decision to provide hundreds of target vehicles to the US was made precisely because it helps Ukraine change the way it fights the war. This week, US President Joe Biden approved another $2.5 billion arms package for Ukraine, as part of which hundreds of vehicles targeted for the money are heading into the country.

In a brief briefing on Friday evening, Washington noted that Ukraine had committed significant resources to the defense of the city of Pakmut, but that there was a high probability that the Russians would eventually drive the Ukrainians out of the city. However, the official added

If it does, that too will not make a strategic difference on the battlefield.

One consideration for the Ukrainians, the official said, is how much they will continue to sacrifice to protect Pakmut as they prepare for an offensive to try to dislodge the Russians from southern Ukraine. mentioned as US officials are working with the Ukrainians on this reconciliation.

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