July 5, 2022

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The Ukrainians are facing terrible losses and now is the time for the Russians to play

The course of the war in Ukraine is reversed. The Russian leadership still wanted a quick victory in February, but they had to deal with it due to fierce Ukrainian opposition. Since April, the main front row has been shifted to Donbass, but the desirable outcome of the Victory Day celebration on May 9 is not shown here either. However, now this is not the main goal of Moscow, on the contrary: to completely grind the Ukrainian army into a protracted war. But it looks like it’s coming for now.

The To the British newspaper Guardian Top Ukrainian leaders have revealed that the daily casualties of the Ukrainian army are approaching a thousand. This means that approximately 100-200 Ukrainian soldiers die in battle each day, and the number of wounded or disabled is approaching 800 per day. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has previously spoken of these large numbers.

In an interview with the American television channel, the President of Ukraine testified about the losses suffered by the security forces.

The loss on the Russian side, of course, is not small, and if the information of Western intelligence is to be believed, Even the Ukrainians outnumbered the number of fallen Russian soldiers. However, only a few thousand thousand could be stationed at the front on the Ukrainian side – the number of about 125,000 professional soldiers and 102,000 border guards was reduced to 500,000 in a short period of time – and the Russian army could easily be recruited. From distant Asian countries.

Photo: AFP

Looking at the base numbers alone, the number of members of the Ukrainian army is declining by about 20-30 thousand per month. It is very relevant to the Russians. If the war lasts for months, the Ukrainian military will not be able to station itself by the end of this year.

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Therefore, according to experts, the goal of Moscow is no longer a quick victory, but such a protracted, bloody war in which they want to bleed as much as possible the Ukrainian army.

The Ukrainian leadership also aided in this to some extent, because instead of withdrawing their units to more defensive positions, they are conducting bloody and murderous street battles according to the instructions issued – that is, they will not allow the invaders a foothold. . According to a BBC report on Saturday, opposition parties are still shooting at each other in Chevroletonetsk.

Even worse fighting is going on in Donbass.

With the promised and continuing shipment of Western weapons, of course, Ukraine will last a little longer – if there is still someone to manage them – but it is already clear that the Donbass will take time to reach Russia. The Russians will push.