June 26, 2022

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The Ukrainians are already shooting at each other

Seth Harp, a veteran Iraqi soldier, said in a post on his social media page that foreign mercenaries working in Kiev were not only victims of the Russian military but also of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU). Montiner writes.

Montiner wrote that Harp had seen enough of it in Ukraine

It is not possible for Ukrainians to succeed with such a mindset because they inadvertently digest their own resources.

Firefighter in Mykolayiv, southern Ukraine, after an attack by Russian artillery on June 18, 2022Source: MTI / AP / George Ivanshenko

According to him, the security efforts of the Ukrainian side and the soldiers joining the Ukrainian army are becoming completely unnecessary.

The media speaks only one side. I’m here, I see reality. When the bridges are demolished, the allied forces are still on the other side, there is no contact between the units, and there is a constant friendly gun battle.

The war correspondent described the chaos.

Photo released by the news service of the Russian Ministry of Defense on June 19, 2022, a Russian warship shot down a skilled maneuvering robot plane towards the target in Ukraine.Source: MTI / AP / Press Service of the Russian Ministry of Defense / –

Montiner recalled that fierce artillery fighting was continuing around Severodonetsk, Ukraine. On the Ukrainian side, many soldiers make the desert, and Russian soldiers often refuse to follow orders. According to British intelligence

Since Russia has not officially acknowledged its involvement in the war with Ukraine, the Russian authorities have no desire or incentive to maintain order.

Earlier, telegrams showed wounded foreign mercenaries trying to escape in a car from the outskirts of the city of Severdonetsk in the Luhansk People’s Republic, Montiner recalled.

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