July 5, 2022

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The Ukrainians and the West are in big trouble

A German analyst says Ukraine lost the war. The ZDF plan also said that the West was losing the international ban game.

For the second time this week, an expert guest wrote that Ukraine had lost to the German public service television show ZDF and that Russia had won the war. மாண்டினர்.

Die Welt, Kerstin Palser, former editor – in – chief of ARD regional television reporter and journalist Wolfram Weimer, hosted Sandra Maischberger’s show on Wednesday night, one of Germany’s most popular public television shows. Palser stressed the importance of Western assistance to Ukraine, including German arms exports. He said Germany had “no other option”, otherwise Russia would defeat Ukraine by its strategy of aggression.

However, Weimar contradicted him, saying, “I am afraid we are now in a situation where we have to look at the unpleasant truth. That is how Russia won this war,” Weimar said of the portal.

“They have a huge regional advantage over the size of the Netherlands and Belgium, and the land connection with Crimea is guaranteed. After all, how can Russia lose this war?” Asked the foreign policy analyst.

The hirado.hu Weimar also cited in his article the statement that Ukraine could not change its balance of power with Western weapons. In addition

The West is also losing in the “game of international sanctions.”

The analyst pointed out that opening Moscow simultaneously to China and India would significantly reduce the detrimental effects of Western criminal sanctions.

The Russo-Ukrainian war seems to be continuing as long as it depends on it: only the promised arms supplies and programs sent by the US and Ukraine to Ukraine will depend on how long the conflict will last.

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