December 2, 2022

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The Ukrainian ambassador called S.ggfej the head of the German foreign affairs committee

The Ukrainian ambassador to Berlin is causing growing corruption in Germany. Andrij Melnyk, the leader of the Bundestag’s foreign affairs committee, was called a donkey, and now a left-wing politician who criticized the neo-Nazi Ukrainian Azov regiment, simply wrote on Twitter, shutting his mouth. According to German newspapers, Melnyk’s incompetent diplomacy is aimed at the entire German political elite, insulting German politicians because the Merkel government has built the Nord Stream gas pipeline and the current government has not yet supported entering the NATO war.

The inventors of the Azov regiment posing with Nazi flags were not Russians, but tolerated dangerous fascists in their ranks. – Fabio de Masi, former German MEP (formerly MEP), posted on Twitter. In response, Ambassador Melnyk wrote in a shocking style to Die Linke (left) politician: “Fabio De Masi and all his friends are good to keep your mouth shut. Die Linke has been in love with war criminal Putin and the horrific occupation of Russia. For decades, today you have had to keep your mouth shut.”

The Azov Regiment is a neo-Nazi paramilitary group formed in 2014 in Ukraine. They openly claim Nazi views, have been associated with atrocities against the Russians in the past and have carried out ongoing attacks in the divided republics. They are now under the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

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According to Die Welt, the German government was increasingly outraged by Melnick’s behavior, but the ambassador did not care. Previously, Michael Roth, formerly a member of the Merkel government and now chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, was simply called a donkey. When asked by a reporter in a television interview if he had said this in despair about the war, Melnick declined to apologize, saying, “This is nothing but despair. This is an explanation of what has been going on here for years.”