March 28, 2023

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The UConn Huskies women’s basketball team joins the Elite Eight after flattening Race 3 at the Indiana Hoosiers

The UConn Huskies women's basketball team joins the Elite Eight after flattening Race 3 at the Indiana Hoosiers

BRIDGEPORT, Connecticut – Ocon heads into her 16th consecutive Elite Eight class after Old Husky’s 75-58 win Saturday over Indiana No. 3 in the NCAA women’s basketball regional semifinals.

I started with Big Bakers 3 from the inside playing for UConn’s first possession in the second half.

Indiana won’t get the ball back even before the Husky can earn three more off-the-fly shots after Hoosiers’ consecutive off-ball errors, which Olivia Nelson Ododa Take advantage of the Offensive and Return board.

next time down, Kristen Williams Added to the fun is the give-and-take game that ends in an easy throw of the ball.

This season may have been different than any UConn had seen in some time, but for four minutes into the second half, it was like old times for the Huskies.

In the blink of an eye, their four-point lead in the first inning spread to 20 behind the defense of a Ranked 2nd Husky, complete control of the boards and a whirlwind attack that produced 12 points of shots on their own.

Third-seeded Indiana launched a short run, dropping out within 11 midway through the fourth quarter, but the damage was already done.

“Maybe we needed to stay there,” Indiana coach Terry Morin said. “We went back to the locker room and made some adjustments, but we came back in the third quarter and that was just a mistake for us.”

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The Hoosiers finished their season at 24-9.

With their victory over North Carolina State on Monday in the regional final, the Husky will advance to a straight 14th place in the fourth final — far from certain earlier this season, as the Husky struggled at times without the Bukers in 19 games and a new star. Azzi Fd 11 injured in the knee and foot, respectively. The third quarter round was a notable change after UConn struggled in the 32nd round against a physical UCF team, scoring just 52 points on a less than 30% shootout.

UConn coach Geno Auriemma said he expected this to be a one-off event based more on matchmaking than a display of a broader issue. Saturday’s performance, particularly the huskies’ spark in the third quarter, proved that right.

“We knew exactly where we were going. We knew where the ball was going. We knew where the shots were coming from. We could pick and choose the shots we wanted to take, and we got more passes than we had previously,” Orima said. Over the course of 20 years. But this year, I appreciate it more because it was hard to get.”

Indiana State, who fell to Iowa State in a Big Ten championship game, entered the bout featuring an experienced group led by a senior. Ali Batberg And the prospect of WNBA Grace Burger. Hoosiers were hoping to reach the Elite Eights after defeating the top seed NC State at Sweet 16 last season.

While the disciplined Hoosiers were hot at first, the relatively smaller Guard Corps at UConn, led by Bueckers and Fudd, settled to win the backcourts battle, showing their post-mission in the third quarter. The Huskies, who have prided themselves on their defense all season, have kept Indiana under 60 points for only the sixth time this year. Limiting Berger to 13 points in a 4-for-11 shot was a big part of that.

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“Playing Indiana can be as difficult a task as your guards,” Orima said. “Their goalkeepers put a lot of pressure on your goalkeepers. They are very aggressive with the ball. And I think we did a great job defensively. I thought that was the difference in the game, that we were able to get the stops we needed and not let them play to their strengths, which was letting their goalkeepers Really leave.”

“We’ve had some really good defensive teams, but they’ve been great,” said Maureen, who also referred to the Husky’s physicality as a squad builder. “They were great today, Ocon.”

The Bakers had been the most aggressive since returning from injury on February 25 – by the middle of the third quarter, she had already surpassed her previous high on shots she had attempted in a game since her return. She eventually finished with 15 points — nine of which were in the crucial third quarter — in 7 for 17 shots. Williams equaled it by 15 points too for driving a husky.

After a quiet start to the post-season for UConn’s post players, they came purposefully like guards to propel the Huskies into the Elite Eight. Olivia Nelson Ododa and High Edwards The Hoosiers almost rebounded on their own, 24-27, giving UConn ample second chances from 15 attacking boards.

“We are a good offensive team, and given us more than one shot, it allows us to do what we do best,” Orima said. “But it takes a lot of work and not everyone is willing to do it.”

Monday’s #1 vs #2 match between NC State and UConn features groups with different types of experience. The Wolfpack plays an upper-tier heavyweight group, but will be in the first Elite Eight since 1998 after winning from behind at Notre Dame earlier on Saturday. Husky dogs are nourished from their youth, but they have six players who have played in at least one Final Four.

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Indiana may have been one of the toughest challenges for the huskies of the season, and they may have succeeded in stopping them, but with NC State and maybe Stanford or Texas next in Minneapolis, the road doesn’t get any easier from here.

“You have to go out and hit her butt,” Orima said. “They won’t lose.” “No one will lose to you in this tournament. You have to go out and beat them. It gets more difficult every year, let me tell you.”