August 13, 2022

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The summer variant of Omigran has also arrived in Hungary

Corona virus infections are more common in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. In the UK, the number of cases in a week has risen to almost half a million. According to experts, a small wave may occur in Hungary as well, but the symptoms are expected to be milder than previous Omigron variants. ATV News.

Virologist Miklos Rusvai said the number of cases in Hungary was much higher than in the same period last year. (The official government site currently only reports weekly viral data, most recently On Wednesday A total of 1961 new infections were officially screened in the last 7 days, up from 1,536 new cases a week ago. During this time 32 people died due to the infection. A version.)

“The new strains, namely BA4 and BA5, do not follow the general rule for respiratory viruses, which means they spread mainly during the autumn-winter period, and these new variants can also cause diseases in the summer,” said the virologist. ” It appears that it can break down both the immune system and the immune system provided by previous infections. “

People with the disease should wear a mask!

According to epidemiologist Erzepet Busta, people with serious illnesses need to be better protected. They are recommended to wear the mask at the meeting. “Vaccines are less dangerous for those who have been vaccinated, European data show, and safety is important for those with symptoms or a weakened immune system for some reason,” the doctor said.

Experts agree that this new variant will be new in the fall Widespread contagious disease Will cause in Europe, and of course in Hungary.

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