August 13, 2022

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The smallest island in the world can have a home

There is only one house and a small island with a tree on the border of USA and Canada. It was built by the owners as a holiday home, but it has become a tourist destination.

The name Just Room Enough Island is apt, as there is only one house on the 310-square-foot island. When the Cyceland family purchased the land in the 1950s, it did not even qualify as an island. In this part of the St. Lawrence River, in an archipelago called the Thousand Islands, three conditions must be met:

  • Must be greater than one square foot (0.093 square meters),
  • Should be above the water surface throughout the year.
  • And there must be at least one tree in it.

So the Seychelles family planted a tree next to their holiday home, so the land was declared an island, its original name being Hub Island.

At the time, they did not expect to plant a tree as a tourist attraction from their property. With this, they have won the title of the smallest inhabited island in the world, whether they like it or not, which certainly attracts tourists as well. The family later renamed the island to its current name – Odyssey Central writes.

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Click on the image to the gallery!Source: Instagram / nathalielefebvre0777

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