June 4, 2023

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The situation of the Czech leader is worrying, he does not even know Victor Orban

Officially, you know nothing about your condition

The Upper-Speaker of Parliament said that the predictions for the health of the head of state were very uncertain, and that it was not possible for Zaman to return to office in the coming weeks, citing journalists, especially from the official position of the hospital. The hospital confirmed on its official website that the Senate had responded to the president’s request.

For more than a week, the president’s office has not provided satisfactory information on Milos Semen’s condition, so Milos Wiester asked the hospital for his opinion on the president’s health. Gemant was taken to hospital eight days ago, where he is being treated in the intensive care unit. The diagnosis of his disease has not yet been made public.

The hospital’s director, Miroslav Zhavoral, the president ‘s therapist, declined to comment, citing current laws. Vystrcil had previously requested information from the president’s office, but President Vratislav Mynár did not respond to his letter.

Cirrhosis of the liver and its effects
Information leaked in the Czech newspapers suggests that there may be complications of cirrhosis due to liver failure.Liver encephalopathyThere is. In this condition, the liver is unable to properly eliminate toxins in the blood, so they accumulate in the bloodstream and enter the brain, causing brain damage. According to the Czech press, the disease may be in the third stage of the disease, which may explain the deterioration of his mental abilities.

The Senate president will meet with parliamentary party leaders on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of delegating powers to state leaders, Wiester said.

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Ahead of his press conference, Vratislav Mynár Vystrcil told the senators that he was playing a sham game in front of the press and that their goal was to remove Zaman from the presidency. Minor could not be reached for comment after his brief statement. In connection with this Vystrcil said, Mynár officially announced the health of Zaman on October 13th.

Prime Minister Andrzej Babis, who was a guest on Public Service News Radio during Vystrcil’s press conference, described the announcement as surprising.

This is definitely surprising information and certainly not good news. The question is whether this is a permanent condition or a hope for progress. I can’t determine that

– Responded to the announcement of the Prime Minister Wystrcil. Bobbis said the term of the current Speaker of the House of Representatives, Radek Wondersek, expires on Thursday and that the Senate should now step down first, as the newly elected MPs are not due until November 8. To the question of whether the powers of the President will be changed in the current situation, the Prime Minister replied, “I can not say yet what will happen.”

At the same time, Andrzej Babis announced his readiness to negotiate with other “constitutional leaders” and representatives of the emerging new ruling coalition to resolve the situation. Under the current constitution, if the head of state is barred, a significant portion of his powers will be taken over by the head of government and the rest by the heads of parliament.

Milos Zeman, 77, who has a constitutional obligation to issue an order to form a government to an appropriate politician based on the October 8-9 election results, will be maintained in the intensive care unit of the Central Military Hospital from October 10. But his diagnosis has not been made public. At least 30 days after the election, if no one objects within that time, the president must issue an order to someone to form the government. We wrote that they would lose presidential powers on Saturday:

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The head of state’s office has come under increasing criticism in recent days for failing to adequately report on the health of Milos Zeman. At the same time, there is growing concern in leading political circles that the current political system may paralyze the functioning of institutions. Zdenek Hraba, chairman of the Senate Constitutional Committee, therefore convened a meeting of the Board on 19 October.

I convened the Senate Committee on Constitutional Affairs to discuss options, including Article 66 of the Constitution. It deals with how the President can declare that he is unable to perform his duties

Zdenek Hraba explained his decision.

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