June 2, 2023

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The siege of the Ukrainian capital, fierce fighting in the south – Friday Top Stories here

On Thursday, 29,000 people crossed the Ukrainian-Polish border, the Polish border guard said on Twitter. According to an entry made on Friday morning, a total of 38,200 passengers had crossed the checkpoint on the Ukrainian border the previous day, of whom 9,200 had gone to Ukraine and 29,000 to Poland.

In an interview on Friday morning, Stanislav Zarin, spokesman for the Secretary of State for Secret Services, said: Half of those who arrived verbally reported that they were fleeing the war erupted by Russian action the previous day. The spokesman underlined that Poland will continue to follow the necessary border crossing procedures, as the Ukrainian border is also the outer border of the European Union.

Regional Border Guard spokesman Andrzej Popko said on Thursday afternoon that those with incomplete or false identity documents from Ukraine would be allowed into Poland and that such individuals would have to file documents with the Ukrainian embassy or Polish Vojvodina office. Within 15 days.

In order to speed up border controls, the Polish government on Thursday night issued an order removing the isolation of immigrants from Ukraine, making it mandatory for those who have not been vaccinated against the Covit-19 disease caused by the corona virus to cross the Polish border.

On Thursday, following the Russian operation against Ukraine, a total of nine reception centers were set up in two Polish wardships along the Ukrainian border with the help of border guards, local authorities and immigration police.

At the centers, refugees from Ukraine receive the necessary information, are also informed about official procedures, they receive food and medical care, and they have the opportunity to take a short break and warm up.

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From the reception centers, the fire brigade transports those in need by bus to the Western Voiceships. According to on-the-spot reports, most Ukrainians continue to travel with relatives and acquaintances who have lived in Poland for some time.

According to eyewitnesses, thousands of cars were parked around Medica, one of the busiest crossings, with Ukrainians living in Poland waiting for their relatives from Ukraine.

Despite a moderate increase in traffic at the joint border crossings with Ukraine on Thursday, the border guard said on Friday morning that traffic had already increased significantly, so the border guards are working in large numbers. On the Ukrainian side, the collapse of the information technology system reduces control.

According to the Ukrainian correspondent of the Polish channel Radio Venet, long queues of cars are bent on the Ukrainian border and have to wait for several hours. People fleeing the war on foot or by bicycle are also heading for the border, the border report said. (MTI)