August 17, 2022

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The shutdown of a large Russian gas pipeline has begun, and its restart is being watched by all of Europe

A spokesperson for the pipeline’s operator, Nord Stream, told German news agency dpa that the gradual reduction in gas supply due to annual maintenance work began at 6:00 a.m., according to a previously announced schedule. A complete shutdown can take several hours.

According to the operating company, these works will be carried out till July 21. During these ten days, no gas will be supplied to Germany by pipeline.

Over the weekend, there were also several news reports that, according to fears, indicated that Russian gas supplies would not be resumed due to maintenance:

According to information, safety systems, electrical, fire and gas protection, as well as stop and isolation valves are checked and adjusted or calibrated if necessary. Software updates are also being made to the line’s control system.

According to the Federal Network Agency, Bundesnetz├Ągendur, the authority that oversees gas pipelines, the work does not take place directly in the pipeline, but in compressor stations such as Lubmin. The company said that under normal circumstances, the works can be completed within the planned time frame. According to the experience so far, the actual duration of the maintenance work sometimes differs slightly from the planned one.

Among others, Federal Economic Minister Robert Habeck expressed concern Russia will not open the gas pipeline even after the maintenance is completed. In June, Russian state-owned Gazprom significantly reduced supplies, citing technical problems. According to calculation models of the Federal Grid Agency, a long-term shutdown could lead to gas shortages in Germany in winter.

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