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The sea treasure hunter has been in jail for seven years, but he has not revealed where he hid the gold.

Treasures worth tens of billions of dollars can be found in the depths of the ocean, and the lives of treasure hunters may at first seem full of enviable excitement and adventure. However, if we look at the stories of real treasure hunters, this is far from the case. There are people who have been in jail for years refusing to reveal the gold they found.

It may have occurred to many of you how amazingly exciting and adventurous the life of a true treasure hunter can be. However, movies and novels are far from portraying the truth. Real treasure hunting life is very expensive and dangerous. A famous treasure hunter has been jailed for seven years after refusing to reveal where he hid his loot. development.hu From his abstract.

In jail for gold

Perhaps the most interesting treasure hunter of our time History Attributed to Tommy Gregory Thompson, now 70. Man and his team discovered one of the greatest treasures in history at the bottom of the ocean.

Explanation of the sinking of the SS Central America

It was the cargo of the ship SS Central America, which sank off the coast of Carolina in 1857. Often referred to simply as the gold ship, the vehicle hid a huge fortune, about three tons of gold.
In 2000, Thompson’s company sold 532 gold bars and thousands of coins for a total of $50 million. According to the man, a significant portion of the money went to cover legal fees and pay off bank debt.

The problem, however, is that Thompson and his team lured several investors into the treasure hunter’s scheme, who later lost their money. The man was prosecuted in 2005 and eventually had to flee from authorities after a judge issued an arrest warrant against him. He was finally caught in a hotel room in 2015, where $425,000 in cash was seized from him.

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Gold bars from the treasures of SS Central America are on display in the museumCredit: Getty Images/2003 Getty Images/Spencer Platt

Eventually, Thompson was sent to prison, where he remained for seven years. That is the most interesting part of the story The man could be released from jail any day, he only had to reveal where he hid his 500 gold coins. But Thompson remains stubbornly silent. Meanwhile, he is being fined a thousand dollars every day for his secrecy – which means that, since 2015, he has already received more than 2 million dollars in fines for his silence.

Expenses instead of adventures

This example clearly shows that the life of a treasure hunter is not easy. If someone finds a well-known or little-known treasure, he is not sure that he will keep it. According to United Nations estimates, there are about 3 million undiscovered shipwrecks in the depths of seas and oceans around the world. In more than a hundred of these wrecks, the value of the cargo exceeds $50 million.

Among the latter, for example, the ship HMS Sussex, which sank in 1694, disappeared near the Strait of Gibraltar with $ 3.1 billion worth of gold.

However, scientists are not happy with treasure hunters either. That’s why they don’t often reveal how richly a ship sank. If a large number of adventurers follow the treasure, they can also destroy valuable finds.

Actually, the life of a treasure hunter is not that adventurousSource: Shutterstock

All in all, exploring buried treasures can be found very attractive to contemporary treasure hunters. Excavating underwater ruins involves huge costs. While it is possible to search for treasure on land with a single metal detector and a shovel, underwater looting and exhumation requires specialized equipment and a trained crew.

A good example of this is the Columbus-America Discovery Group, which discovered $40 million worth of gold off the coast of South Carolina. However, as all their money was spent on subsequent lawsuits, they could not enjoy the loot for long.

Once the treasure was discovered, American and British companies, which had legally protected the gold for 135 years, immediately stepped in and claimed the wealth for themselves.

ExplanationSource: Pixabay

Secret treasure hunters

That’s why it’s so common for treasure hunters to not say exactly which ship they looted from. For example, Odysseus Marine Exploration was founded in 1994He discovered a wreck that concealed $500 million worth of gold and silver.

Although they did not reveal exactly which ship the treasure came from, it soon became clear Our Lady of Mercedes It was a Spanish warship that sank near Portugal in 1804.

The Spanish immediately demanded the treasure in court, and at the end of the case, Odysseus had to hand over the precious metal that the treasure hunters had brought to Spain. They were also fined one million dollars. Soon It was also announcedThey stop looking for treasure altogether.

Searching for treasure at sea is not only dangerous but also very expensiveSource: Shutterstock

Despite the allure of hidden treasures in the depths of the ocean, it’s clear that treasure hunting isn’t such a great adventure. Often, therefore, a significant part of great fortune is always in depth.

And exactly how much wealth is involved? This is it To be appreciated Perhaps, but according to experts, the total amount will reach 60 billion dollars.