March 25, 2023

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The Russians were ready: they would completely submerge the Ukrainian province over Crimea

According to the official, Russia’s targets include the complete occupation of the Donetsk Basin, two regions in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and the complete occupation of the Crimean border with Kersen. The county seat, Herzonizos, has been under Russian control for several weeks. According to Motuzjanik, Russia needs the territory of southern Ukraine because the peninsula received drinking water and electricity from there before annexing Crimea.

A spokesman said Russia had recently doubled the number of ships carrying caliber robot aircraft in the Black Sea, and that there were currently seven such ships, with a total of up to 50 missiles. MTI quoted Ukraine’s Pravda news website as saying that there were only three such Russian carriers in the Black Sea last week, with up to 20 robotic planes, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Denis Schmidt and European Council President Charles Michel confirmed to reporters on Monday morning that Odessa in southern Ukraine had been hit several times by a Russian missile attack. Smihall noted that Russian forces had been attacking Odessa for the past three days. Odessa County Governor Maxim Marchenko said the city was hit by rockets from the Crimea on Monday, causing damage to infrastructure.

Alexander Marcusin, mayor of Irbine, Kiev Oblast, announced that firefighters had completed the entire demining work of the settlement. However, he warned city dwellers not to touch it if they find a suspicious object, but to notify authorities.

The city remained in Russian hands for about a month, with Ukrainian forces regaining control on March 28. On April 11, a temporary bridge was completed between the capital, Kiev, connecting Irbine, Buxa, Hostomel and Vorsal in the region. On April 25, the bus service between Irbine and Kiev began, and supermarkets opened in the small town. On May 3, the mayor of the city announced that utilities, namely the city’s water, electricity and gas supplies would soon be restored and that residents could return to Irbine, Pravda recalled Ukraine.

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Meanwhile, Ukrainian Attorney General Irina Venegyiktova said on Facebook that another Russian soldier had been identified as a suspected war criminal in Kyiv Oblast. According to the Attorney General, it was Anton Strozhev, commander of one of the Russian mechanized forces. According to Ukrainian officials, with the help of the Centurion Commander and his comrades, he intercepted and interrogated two unarmed civilians using physical violence in the village of Mogrek in Kiev County. He then ordered them to undress and lock them in the cellar.

Veneziekova said the battalion commander was a third soldier from the same Russian battalion suspected of committing war crimes. The other two are suspected of brutally abusing a prisoner of war and a priest in the village of Pohdanivka.

In a statement on the situation on Monday afternoon, Ukrainian civil servants said that heavy fighting had continued in Rubishnev in the Luhansk region, with Russian forces firing artillery and rushing to defend Mariupol in Donetsk Oblast.