May 25, 2022

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The Russians occupied one of the bases of the dreaded Azov Battalion

As the main base of the “elite” subdivision of the Azov National Guard is located here, Mariupol was attacked by such fierce forces by the Russians. The armed movement also functions as a political organization, with a significant number of (extremist) nationalists and neo-Nazis.

The Russian leadership accuses Azov of war crimes and when they talk about the “Naziisation” of Ukraine, they often cut out pictures of Azov’s rallies. Members of the Russian military continue to hunt down Azov, and even the general public sees Azov tattoos one by one.

Now it looks like the Russians are attacking Mariupol and Russian-speaking dissidents in Donetsk have captured one of Azov’s strongholds. This is the first time that the base of the “elite” section of the police force has fallen into Russian hands. Based on the on-site video, with no buildings outside the windows, no violent fighting was reported around the site. In the yard we can see Russian BTRs, tanks.

Mariupol has been on fire by Russian attackers for a month, with numerous civilians killed by Russian artillery and airstrikes. The city was almost completely destroyed in the war.

Cover Image: Pierre Crom / Getty Images

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