July 7, 2022

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The Russians may be too much in Donbass

Military experts say the attackers could launch a successful attack against 3 to 1 guards in an area.

The Ukrainian official estimates that Russian troops have already advanced 7 to 1 in some parts of the Donbass.

Ukraine has suffered losses in every part of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Only 5 percent of the province of Luhansk is under their control.

The biggest fighting is taking place in the city of Chevrodonetsk, which is already surrounded by two-thirds of the participants. Their goal may be to encircle Ukrainian forces between Bopasna and Liman, and they will thus be trapped.

Serhi HajjThe head of the Luhansk military administration said in a telegram on Friday that some Ukrainian troops should be withdrawn from the area to prevent encirclement.

As for Russia, he said, it would be a good basis for negotiations, as the Minsk agreements were squeezed out after Ukrainian troops were rounded up in Donbass during the civil war. Andros Rocks Russia expert at a conference on Thursday.

Rox also said that the late arrival of Western warships is costing the lives of Ukrainian civilians and soldiers every day.

What Ukraine needs most right now is heavy weapons, after all Missile Launch Systems (MLRS). These are high-powered but inaccurate heavy weapons that can fire multiple missiles simultaneously. The United States has so far been reluctant to supply them to Ukraine, fearing it could worsen with Russia because they are considered weapons of attack.

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Pentagon spokesman John Kirby He is aware of the Ukrainian demand for MLRS and that time was an important factor, however

No decision has yet been made to send the systems to Ukraine.

Dimitro Guleba The foreign minister wrote on his Twitter afternoon on his Twitter account Anthony Blingen With the Foreign Minister, heavy weapons were at the top of their agenda.

However, there is a delay between the Western promises of arms exchange and the time required to actually supply arms and train Ukrainian forces. It can be expected on a large scale about the victory of the Ukrainian opposition.

Russia still has the largest stockpile of artillery. A senior NATO official says it is a “crime” for Western countries to have so little goods.

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Cover image: Cefa Karagan / Anatolia Agency via Getty Images