June 1, 2023

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The Russians are backing down, and Moscow has already given its signal

By mid-September, the Ukrainian army was well prepared occupied it within days with a counterattack Settlements in the territories occupied by the Russians at the beginning of the war on the Eastern Front. Since then, they have been able to make slow but significant advances in areas lost from Kharkiv Province, and they have also taken control of the northern part of Luhansk Province.

The referendum was held at the end of September at the behest of Russian President Vladimir Putin Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia provinces join Russia. This poll though or UN, nor recognized by Western powers, even China balked at the issue, but eventually it was declared a success and the merger concluded. It was then that a new Ukrainian counteroffensive began, which took the center of Russian forces in Donetsk, Lymant (in another transcription, Lymant released him.

At this time, Vladimir Putin decided in vain to mobilize 300,000 reservists – which had so far managed to mobilize 200,000 people and took roughly three times the amount. Escape from Russia – declared readiness to deploy nuclear weapons, the Ukrainian military continued its advance in the south.

Russian mandatory during training.

On October 4, Russian forces in the Donetsk and Kherson regions were forced to retreat and appear to be struggling to stop the Ukrainian army. In their biggest advance since the war began on February 24, Ukrainian forces retook several villages along the strategically important Dnipro River, and in the south they destroyed 31 Russian tanks and several rocket launchers, according to the army’s Southern Operations Command. Reuters According to

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Now Moscow is not hiding its failures so much

Until now, Putin’s regime has refrained from acknowledging battlefield losses and Ukrainian victories, but on Tuesday, maps released by the Russian Defense Ministry depicted the rapid retreat of Russian invasion forces from territories in eastern and southern Ukraine. Heavy pressure due to Ukrainian counteroffensive – reported in another report a Reuters.

The ministry’s video conference that day made no mention of the withdrawal, but on maps used to show the alleged location of Russian troops, the shaded area marking Russian military control was much smaller than a day earlier.

In northeastern Ukraine, where Russia In the so-called retreat last month, according to statistics, his forces appear to have retreated to a front line about 70 kilometers south of Kubyansk along the Oskil River to about 20 kilometers east of the border with Luhansk province.

It would mean evacuating the last remnants of Ukraine’s Kharkiv province — where Russia maintained an occupation administration for months — except for a small area between the city of Dvorychna and the Russian border. Russia’s line of control on the right bank of the Dnipro River in southern Ukraine’s Kherson province has been shifted on the map to a line along the Datsani River west of the city 25 kilometers south.

They would take away Elon Musk’s right to peace, which Zelensky pushed for

The Kremlin praised Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Tuesday for proposing a potential peace deal to end the war in Ukraine, not exactly reinforcing the narrative of a Russian military victory, after Kiev reprimanded Musk for proposing conditions that would reward Russia.

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“It’s very positive that someone like Elon Musk is looking for a peaceful way out of this situation” – Dmitry Peskov said, a Kremlin spokesman told reporters on a conference call. He highly praised Musk, saying, “Compared to many professional diplomats, Musk is still in favor of making peace. But the Kremlin’s bellicosity was such that Peskov declared: “It is absolutely impossible to achieve peace without meeting Russia’s conditions.”

In a Twitter poll published on Monday, the Tesla boss called for Ukraine to permanently cede Crimea to Russia, for new United Nations-sponsored referendums on the fate of the Russian-controlled territory, and for Ukraine to maintain neutrality.

Cave says he will never agree to give up territories seized by force, and cannot hold formal referendums in occupied territories where many have been killed or driven out. On Tuesday, Volodymyr Zelensky issued a presidential decree He refuses to negotiate with Vladimir Putin.

India will mediate the peace talks

Narendra Modi Indian During a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday, the Prime Minister expressed India’s readiness to contribute to peace efforts in Ukraine.

“She is [Modi] He expressed his firm belief that a military solution to the conflict could not be found, and India’s readiness to contribute to any peace effort, the Indian Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement released after the talks. Al Jazeera According to

“India attaches importance to the safety and security of nuclear power plants, including Ukraine,” the Prime Minister asserted.

According to Putin’s domestic opposition, his downfall is imminent

Dmitry Baldrukov is one of the representatives of St. Petersburg’s Smoleninsky district who last month appealed to the country’s parliament to remove Putin from power on charges of treason over the war in Ukraine.

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Baldrukov A For Newsweek On Sunday, workers from the Army Recruitment Office and police officers came to his home where his mother was staying and asked him to issue the summons despite his lack of military experience. The deputy, who was on a business trip, said he ignored orders to report to the local marshal’s office at 9 a.m. Monday local time when officers visited him at his home.

The official believed that Putin is “definitely close to the end of his power” since he announced a partial mobilization of the population.

Are the Russians invincible anymore?

Retired four-star US general David Petraeus has predicted that Russian President Vladimir Putin is in a ‘desperate situation’. In UkraineBecause of this, the Kremlin leader has no way to win.

In his annual address to the Warsaw Security Forum in Poland on Tuesday, Petraeus said none of the options before Putin would bring him victory or a quick exit from the war.

“There’s nothing you can do to change that [az ukrajnai helyzetet]. As a result of partial mobilization, more people left Russia than appeared at the registration points,” Petraeus said, according to the Polish portal Dziennik.pl.

Petraeus, who served as CIA director and commander of coalition forces in Iraq, has repeatedly warned the US to take Putin’s nuclear threats seriously. Newsweek.