May 21, 2022

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The Russians are angry at the two countries for implicitly admitting defeat – our war news on Friday

Russia has expelled ten members of the Romanian embassy and one member of the Bulgarian embassy in Moscow in response to similar actions by Bucharest and Sofia, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

On Friday, ambassadors of the two countries were asked to join the Russian Diplomatic Ministry. The names of ten foreign workers on the list handed over to the head of the Romanian embassy were declared inappropriate. The foreign ministry said the move was in response to Romania’s decision on April 5 to expel ten Russian diplomats.

The Russian side vehemently rejects the Romanian party’s unsubstantiated attempts to accuse Russia of war crimes in Ukraine and condemns Bucharest’s policy of embellishing civilian atrocities perpetrated by nationalist battalions and distributing weapons and equipment to the Kiev regime.

– Reported by the Ministry.

On April 5, Romanian authorities expelled ten employees of the Russian embassy in Bucharest. Russian Foreign Spokeswoman Marija Zharova said at the time that Moscow had seen the move as part of a campaign by the United States and its allies to end Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine.

The Bulgarian ambassador was told on a list that one of his staff had to leave Russia. Moscow has called for the move to end the “unreasonable” decision of the Bulgarian side, which in April declared the embassy official at the Russian embassy in Sofia an undesirable person. (MTI)

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