September 29, 2023

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The Russian president has taken this step because of the shortage of natural gas in Europe

After completing the pumping of gas to Russian underground storage facilities by November 7 or 8, Putin instructed Cosprom chairman Alexei Miller to begin planned work to increase gas to its own underground storage facilities in Europe – Austria and Germany.

According to the head of state, “This will allow Cosprom to carry out its contractual obligations reliably and consistently, on time, to supply gas to its European partners in the fall and winter, and to create a more favorable environment in European countries.”

During the meeting on the exploitation of the Yamal gas fields, the Russian President reiterated his earlier reason that the decline in the supply of liquefied natural gas in the United States was one of the main reasons for the European energy crisis.

“Otherwise, Gazprom would have offset it and shipped more than Americans and rope-eastern suppliers,” he added.

Putin said Russia was not interested in raising gas prices in Europe and was therefore taking steps to normalize the situation. He hoped that tensions in European energy markets would endanger Russia due to closer economic ties.

Putin also instructed the government to draw up a plan by November 1 to reduce the detrimental effects of the European energy shortage and the disruption of the fertilizer, steel products and food markets. He expressed confidence that the crisis was proof that Europe needed reliable energy cooperation. He pointed out that Cosprom is fully compliant with long-term supply agreements.

Initial image: MTI / EPA / Sergei Ilnyitsky

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