June 2, 2023

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The Romans also want an American mini-game

From 2028, Romania will install small modular nuclear reactors with US support to generate clean energy for the climate. According to the Office of the Romanian President, Romanian President Claus Iohanis will address a UN climate change conference in Glasgow. Attended the 26th Session of the Configuration Conference (COP26), where John Kerry held talks with the US Special Envoy for Climate Change.

According to the report, the parties will take further steps to expand US-Roman nuclear cooperation, and Romania will set up small modular nuclear reactors with US support. Romania wants to participate in the production of technology and participate in the training of professionals who can ensure the introduction of this new technology in other countries in the region. Iohanis stressed that cooperation in the field of climate change will further strengthen the Romanian-US strategic partnership.

On Tuesday, Romanian Energy Minister Virgil Bobes said he would travel to Glasgow on Thursday to finalize a deal with US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to install modular nuclear reactors.

Romania signed a memorandum of understanding in 2019 with NuScale Power, the US company developing the new technology, and then in January of this year, Bucharest received a $ 1.27 million grant to identify potential installation sites for modular nuclear reactors. The investment will create six thousand new American and Roman jobs, and the number could expand to 30,000 during growth.

NuScale’s product provides carbon-neutral energy and provides a solution at a much lower cost than the financial cost required to build gigawatt-scale nuclear power plants. Such nuclear reactors have never been operated anywhere.

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