August 13, 2022

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The Rock pays tribute to WWE SmackDown promo

The Rock pays tribute to WWE SmackDown promo

The Rock was sniffing what WWE commentator “SmackDown” was cooking. on me Friday night, I sowed the seeds for Pat McAfee To take on Happy Corbin at the WWE SummerSlam in Nashville where McAfee stood at the top of the announcer’s table to deliver the following promo:

Boom S Corbin said that if we got into the ring together, I wish I was dead. It’s not possible, it’s never going to happen. I love my life, I enjoy every moment so that when I first got into WWE ThunderDome, all I could think about was, ‘I feel I’m alive.” When I put on my headphone and talk into the microphone for “millions” (shout out to my feet The Rock), members of the WWE Universe, I feel like I’m alive!

So, Bum Ass, while you’re fishing on the net, you act like you’re not an unbearably arrogant person, why don’t you think about this for a moment: SummerSlam, you and I, Nashville, Tennessee, and when I kick your teeth in your throat, the only thing I’ll think In it he is, “I feel more alive than I have ever felt in my whole life here at SummerSlam!”

The rocker caught the raucous McAfee and took to Twitter to give the former NFL gambler some positive reinforcements:

“In front of millions…. AAAAAND MILLIONS….” Rock began his tweet with “BUM ASS CORBIN” That’s a good brother! a great offer. I enjoyed watching this. “

Tweet embed In front of millions… AAAA and millions…. “BUM ASS CORBIN” That’s good shit brother! 👏🏾👏🏾👊🏾 Great show. Enjoyed watching this #ISmellIt 🎤
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McAfee was sure to respond to praise of “The People’s Champ” by tweeting, “Legend… I APPRECIATE YOU,” followed by GIFs from the 1972 classic “The Blues Brothers.” Rock, once again, digs up what McAfee was doing and responded with the phrase Famous, “We are on a mission from God.”

Tweet embed “We are on a mission from God” 🥃 🥃 🚔 #jakeandelroy

Corbin released a response to McAfee on TwitterWhich means he’ll meet him face to face in the ring on SmackDown next week.

McAfee wrestled the last time in WrestleMania 38 When he defeated Theory on a solo act before competing in an impromptu fight against Vince McMahon. McAfee lost the fight, but found help from one of Rock’s greatest rivals in Steve Austin. However, McAfee got Stone Cold Stunner to send home with a painful souvenir.

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