August 13, 2022

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The result is here: our “mother-in-law” will no longer buy Russian gas either

The Austrian government announced on Wednesday that it was bidding farewell to Gazprom, it writes Euronews. The Russian mammoth company has been excluded from the Hydok gas reservoir because it has not used its share of storage capacity for a long time.

This is a big step, as 80 percent of the gas used in Austria has so far been purchased from Russia. However, according to the Austrian government, since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Moscow has been using gas exports as a weapon, so they are looking for another solution because they fear the Russians will turn off the pipeline. The government wants to fill Austrian reservoirs, but they are currently at half their capacity.

The Reuters writes: Gazprom has not filled its share of the 2.9 billion cubic meter Hydok gas reservoir near Salzburg. Energy Minister Leonor K├╝ssler responded diplomatically: “If customers don’t save gas in storage, capacity must be transferred to others,” she said. The Gas Regulatory Commission has already started the process of withdrawing Gazprom.

In the Netherlands, a similar problem arose at the 4.1 billion cubic meter Bergermeer, one of Europe’s largest gas reservoirs. The For Gazprom They have the right to fill the reservoir to 40 percent, and if they don’t do this this year, they will lose this opportunity, just like Austria. Gazprom has not used any storage facilities for months.

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