June 10, 2023

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The Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia resigned on 24.H.

Resigned Sunday night Joran Jaw Due to the poor municipal election results of the party of the Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia, MTI writes.

The Social Democratic Party, the leading force in the ruling coalition, has lost in the capital Skopje, failing to win even a quarter of the mayoral post in rural cities.

The second phase of local elections was held on Sunday. The prime minister has announced in advance that he will step down if his party does not win Skopje’s mayoral post.

Zaev also announced at a press conference that he would resign as party leader in response to his party’s poor performance. However, he added that there was no need to hold early parliamentary elections. This is because the coalition parties can legally agree on who will be the new prime minister, even if there is no election.

Hrisztijan MickoszkiHowever, the leader of the right-wing opposition VMRO-DPMNE said early elections should be held. The Social Democratic-led party was able to defeat the VMRO-DPMNE in last year’s parliamentary election, winning 62 of the 120 seats.

Zaev has been prime minister since 2017, and under his leadership, the country is likely to join the EU because its government has agreed to put a name dispute with Greece for decades to mark the north before the country’s name. However, the EU has not yet given a free signal for merger talks. However, the former Yugoslav Republic, now known as Northern Macedonia, joined NATO last year.

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