June 2, 2023

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The most effective way to prevent modern death

According to Singapore data, MRNA vaccines called Pfizer and Moderna are more effective in preventing death than Chinese vaccines (in addition to Sinoform, Sinovac is offered in the country). A Washington Post Article In 2021, 802 people in the city-state will die of Govt disease, of whom 555 have not been fully vaccinated and 247, he said. Ong Ye Kung | Minister of Health.

Of the 100,000 deaths, 11 were in the synovial vaccine group and 7.8 in synoparmos. There are 6.2 deaths in the Pfizer group, with only one person being vaccinated in Moderna. These are, of course, only statistically calculated ratios (which is why the number may be 7.8), but they show the ratios well.

Experts point out that these figures are only guidelines, as they do not take into account other factors that contribute to death, such as age or underlying disease.

Although Singapore’s data show a small number of lessons, data on the effectiveness of “inactivated virus” vaccines widely used in China and developing countries raise further concerns.

Such vaccines have a high rate of breakthrough infections,

And are less effective against the Omigron variant, e.g. (Leading Chinese pharmaceutical companies, including Sinoform and Sinovac, already claim to work on vaccines using MRNA technology.)

The disproportionate death toll is also significant, as the vast majority of Singaporeans are vaccinated against MRNA. Sinopharm is not part of Southeast Asia’s national vaccination program and can only be given at private clinics, while free Sinovark vaccines were only available in October.

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