June 2, 2023

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The medieval tomb of a black woman was discovered in the Czech Republic

The woman died at the age of 40-50 and lived for a long time in the Czech Republic.

Skeleton of a 40-50 year old black woman found in a medieval cemetery in the Czech Republic – Wrote Azonnali.hu. The discovery was made in the village of Tedin near Prague. Even in January 2021, a pipe ruptured around the village’s early medieval castle, where archaeologists searched the area before repairing it.

During the investigation several medieval tombs were discovered, one of which was the tomb of a black woman.

Although it is not known when the woman lived in the Middle Ages, 11-12 is certain. They began to bury the remains in the 16th century where they were found. No items were found in the cemetery to help rebuild even part of his life and how he reached the Czech Republic. According to an article in the Czech public media, pilgrims, merchants and travelers from distant lands frequently visited the Czech kingdom in the Middle Ages. According to Azonnali.hu, “The specialty of the skeleton found in Tetin is that this black woman, after moving to the Czech Republic, lived her life there and was completely buried in the traditional way.

That does not mean he is special. ”

Initial image: Martin Becca / Wikimedia Commons

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