June 3, 2023

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The last signal from Szilard Suhajda’s tracker came from near the summit of Everest, and since then there has been no news of the climber.

According to his plans, he wanted to climb the 8,848-meter Mount Everest on May 24, becoming the first Hungarian not to use supplemental oxygen. Although his team members received no sign of Suhajda, there was no immediate need to assume the worst.

Hóhatár, which facilitates the communication of travel He has compiled the last phase of the summit attack in his latest post.

Suhajta’s tracker worked with large intervals during the summit attack, and the last signal came at 19:30 Nepal time on Wednesday (15:45 Hungarian time), at which time the Hungarian climber had made further progress, at 8795 meters, on the Hilary steps. The difference in size of the remaining 50 meters does not seem much, but it can take several hours to cover.

Suhajta Szilard was already very close based on her last sign – Photo: Suhajta Szilard / Facebook

The climber did not signal otherwise, but this was also unprecedented. Last year when Suhajta climbed the Loz, she could not find out where she was going for two days. Suhajta didn’t even report from the summit at the time, and she believed they knew where she was based on her tracker.

“Since we don’t see the data from his tracker, we start from the assumption that he is still slowly descending the mountain. We have no information about why the transmitter is not working, and we don’t want to speculate. Szilárd is late compared to usual and has been on the road for a long time. Nevertheless, for his ability “We are confident that he made the decision to adapt and return safely, giving it the best of his abilities,” Hohater wrote.

The climber can get help, and two Sherpas from his agency outside have been asked to go to Camp 4, about 7,900 meters, and give Suhajta fluids if he gets there in the morning.

Even those teams that are now on the top attack can provide information on or help the Hungarian climber. Peter Morton Price gave a valuable connection to the Hungarian expedition team, who reached Everest on May 14 with an oxygen cylinder.

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