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The index – overseas – has been decided, and a complete closure is coming in Slovakia

2021.11.24. 17:35

Slovakia has announced a two-week closure, restaurants and non-essential shops will be closed, and schools will remain open for the time being, the new word said.

All ministers except Economic Affairs Minister Richard Zulik and the head of the ministry, Veronica Remisova, supported the new anti-epidemic measures. The result will be reconsidered after ten days. Sulik added that after that his party, Independence and Unity (SaS), would enjoy some benefits over those who were vaccinated rather than those who were not.

Currently, only compulsory testing is recommended in schools, although other members of the ruling coalition, including civilians and independents (OĽaNO) and family We (Sme Rodina), have called for the closure. The circle knows that the closure of any educational institution due to the epidemic will be in the hands of regional public health offices.

The military will also have a role

In addition, the government has decided to mobilize thousands of troops a day to effectively carry out operations against the corona virus. Soldiers will mainly strengthen the capacity of public health offices, and many will serve in hospitals.

The government has also ordered about ten million antigen tests to be used to test employees at work. Expenditures are managed from EU funds. Those who have not been vaccinated and those who have been infected before 180 days should have a negative weekly test result. Under the recently enacted law, those who are not vaccinated can also be sent on unpaid leave.

Veronika Remišová, who does not support the current move, expressed her opposition on Facebook, saying that closing was not a meaningful solution to the current situation. That said, widespread vaccination may be the solution, but these rules do not encourage people to be vaccinated against the corona virus because the same strict restrictions apply to those who are vaccinated.

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(Via New word, Panorama)