July 5, 2022

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The index – economy – Hungarian invention was a global success, earning 380 million so far

Three years ago, a special Hungarian development began its success: menstrual lingerie.

Dóra Molnár dreamed about the product a year and a half ago, especially after a bad experience in the winter of 2017.

It came sooner than I expected, my underwear was bleeding, so I thought how nice it would be for a wet panty that can hold menstruation like a pad.

– Dora Molnar told the Index, she began to think about how good the underwear would be, even if she had an unexpected menstrual period. “A little devil is constantly riding on a woman’s head so she will not get wet,” added Dora Molner, the final creator. It’s ready Brand.

When a woman is waiting for menstruation for the first time in her life

Construction of the product was carried out following this idea, which was tested for one and a half years before being launched in May 2019.

The process was slow because you can not test at any time, after all, it is a menstrual underwear

– Dóra Molnár said, for the first time in her life she was actually expecting menstruation, but Later, customers felt the same way. After all, they were able to try what they bought.

Anyway he is not ashamed of his invention and he thinks it is an unprecedented bold product, so there are no barriers. In marketing, they do not work with thin, professional models and do not retrieve hair from their hands, with that, I would like to send the message that this product belongs to everyone.

HUF 2 million start-up capital, HUF 380 million revenue

Eventually, they made three hundred menstrual lingerie and gave it three months to see how the market would react if anything had to change. With all the items gone in a month, I didn’t have to worry too much about the celebrity as the orders came in a row. In the early days, the website crashed due to high traffic and in some cases, there was not much underwear to sell as it was urgent.

We were with him to rejoice in the victory and then find out how to move on to the next day

– Said Adam Dasnadi, co-founder and co-owner of the startup.

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Although they may not know in advance what the corona virus infection will bring, in the end there is no reason to complain, as most people spend most of their time at home so women can also try the intimate product comfortably between the four walls. The result speaks for itself: the company started in September 2019 with an initial capital of two million forinds, a year later it made a profit of one hundred forinds, and now it has generated sales of 380 million forinds per couple.

“We make a profit every year, but we do not take a single penny from the company, we get everything back, we think long and hard and we see many directions that we can still improve. In fact, we will join one of the national pharmacy chains and foreign resellers from the fall,” he says. Adam Dasnadi.

Hungarian menstrual lingerie is already taking place all over Europe

Innovative successes

No better feedback is needed than user satisfaction, but awards and recognitions show that Dóra Molnár and Ádám Tasnádi are on the right track.

The couple won the Most Successful Young Entrepreneur Category Award at the Széchenyi Enterprise 2020 Awards; As a founder, they were included in Forbes’ list of 100 self-made Hungarians and 30 successful Hungarians under the age of 30; Received the Greengage Sustainability Award; Dora Molner joins West Westbee’s Top 25 Female Entrepreneurs in Hungary

They had two big goals when they started. One is to launch an education brand that is banned in the field of intimate health for women. Another is to make the Hungarian company commercially competitive in the international market, which means it can export and succeed in the region beyond the border. The latter is now implemented, and in the first quarter of 2022, exports accounted for 20 per cent of sales.

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Their specialty product, Velvet Menswear, is unique in the market and is very popular in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and France, but has already received inquiries from Canada, the US and Africa, which play a decisive role. In all of these. But for now Dora and Adam are focused on Europe.

The product creates the era because it changes the most basic habits, but it also offers an environmentally conscious, waste-free solution.

According to our calculations, our menstrual lingerie changes about three hundred tampons and pads per woman per year, while our products can protect our planet from 250,000 tampons a month and three million tampons a year and several tons. Waste hard to decompose.

– Says Dora Molnar The decay time of menstrual waste is over 500 years.

The pair have been around for the past three years since the company started, but they have not regretted the reduction, as the numbers prove: more than 55,000 products have been sold so far.

No “just” menstrual cramps required.

(Cover: Adam Dasnadi and Dora Molnar. Photo: Patricia Botner / MTI)