August 14, 2022

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The Hungarian government has “forgotten” to talk about a new energy emergency plan, Brussels said

After the cabinet meeting on Wednesday He declared Gergely Gulyás, minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office, said that the government is ordering an energy emergency category because of the uncertainty of the Nord Stream-1 gas pipeline’s transit, as reports from Western Europe simply are. In winter there is not enough gas in the continent. For this reason, a seven-point action plan was adopted, one of which banned the export of energy carriers and firewood without any specific specification, and in the seventh point, the government took the most important step: it abandoned the original use. Reduction, people facing high prices, will begin to reduce consumption seriously, thus improving security of supply and budget situation. We wrote in detail about the measures and their expected outcomes in these articles:

group Notice Its main message is that they should have been informed about this in advance, otherwise there are detailed rules on when and on what basis this type can be ordered (there must be a clear risk of interruption of continuous care, economic reasons are never included) and all this requires other Member States. They need to know how it affects energy supply. That is why they contacted the government and found out.

The Hungarian move – which may have been the main driving force behind the fact that it was able to announce a change in the usage reduction system citing a state of emergency – came at a particularly inopportune time, as the commission will announce readiness next Wednesday. Report on winter gas supply situation and its new plans. It also includes several elements that describe when and which countries other member states should help each other in an emergency (e.g., according to our information, gas from Hungary from the south to gas from Austria and the Germans at the poles at the LNG terminals). Meanwhile, Kerkeli Gulias made it clear at the conference that Hungary has no obligation (yet) to help other member states.

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