March 25, 2023

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The horrific execution was recalled 24.H.

Traces of crucifixion were first discovered in Britain, MTI writes. The remains of a man were found in an excavation near the village of Finstanton, 90 miles north of London, and an angle was found in his corner.

Corinne Duhik, An expert from the University of Cambridge said the discovery, preserved in good condition, was very special because it was in the bone. “This suggests that even the inhabitants of this small settlement on the edge of the empire could not escape the barbaric Roman punishment,” the researcher said.

Duhik said the only similar invention in the world to the crucifixion was found in Israel.

There are two more possible examples in Italy and Egypt, but these have not yet been verified.

Microgen Images / Science Photo Library / Getty Images Description.

Crucifixion was very common in the Roman Empire, but archaeological evidence of execution may have been limited because nails were not always used. In many cases, the victims were simply crucified, and the nails were often reused or used to make an amulet. However, the metal he had just discovered was corroded, so it was on the bone.

Crucifixion was one of the most tortured executions in history, and the death toll of the victim could take days. The form of punishment in the 4th century in my office Constantine the Great The emperor stopped it.

Excavations in Fenstanton in 2017 uncovered five small graves, including the remains of 40 buried adults and five children. According to Duhig, the skeleton of the crucified man had other wounds and signs of abuse.

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