August 14, 2022

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The Germans are making a concrete proposal to deepen the EU – it’s questionable what Viktor Orban has to say about it.

According to the social democratic politician, the EU should close its ranks on issues where it has not yet been able to reach a common position. “For example, in immigration policy, in the construction of European security, in the field of technical sovereignty and the regression of democracy,” Scholes listed.

As he said, the German government will present specific plans in the coming months.

Scholz said the EU is “the living antithesis of imperialism and autocracy” and therefore, among other things, a thorn in the side of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Constant disputes and disagreements between member states weaken us. Therefore, Europe’s most important response to the change of era must be unity, which we must certainly maintain and deepen,” the German politician warned.

The president also demanded “an end to the arrogant blockade of European decisions by some member states”. As he said, the EU, for example, can no longer afford national vetoes on foreign policy if it wants to make its voice heard in a world of competing superpowers.

Although Schaals did not make a specific proposal, it appears from his writing that he would move from consensus decision-making to majority decision-making in many places. This would eliminate the possibility of a veto in new areas, which Hungary has often used in the last few years, so it is questionable what kind of support this proposal will have from the Hungarian side, for example, whether the government will support it. Modification of contracts also requires full consensus.

“Imperialism has returned to Europe,” wrote Schales in his essay, “Europe in Wartime – After the Change of Era.” The president emphasized that Russian missiles launched against Ukraine not only caused great destruction, but also “undermined the European and international peace order in recent decades.” After the Cold War, Germany “became lulled into false security,” he said. The idea that Germany is surrounded only by friends has been proven wrong, he said.

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At the same time, Scholz pledged his support to Ukraine in the economic, humanitarian and financial sectors, as well as arms delivery, as long as it is needed. “At the same time, we ensure that NATO does not become a war party,” he stressed. He said the EU’s unified, “unprecedentedly tough sanctions” were having a stronger effect every day. It is clear that they will have to be maintained for a long time. “It is also clear to us that we will not lift any sanctions if there is a peace dictated by Russia. Russia has no choice but an agreement with Ukraine that Ukrainians can accept”.

The German chancellor also acknowledged that breaking free from Russian energy dependence will not be easy, even for a wealthy state like Germany, and will take a long time. “We have to stick together,” Scholes underlined. “I am sure we will get out of the crisis then.

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